Music 2023/24



We offer Music lessons to ensure pupils are taught the skills
required to meet the aims of the national curriculum.  The intent is
to ensure all pupils develop a love of music and grow in self-

Pupils can listen and critically engage with music by a range of
composers, perform and compose music of their own.
Pupils will become confident to sing, to create and compose music on
their own and with others, as well as have the opportunity to learn a
musical instrument.
Pupils will also develop their knowledge across a range of historical
periods, genres, styles and traditions, including the works of the
great composers and musicians.
Pupils will develop their interest and curiosity about music through a
series of lessons offering skills and knowledge progression.  The
progression grid will support class teachers to ensure progression of
skills and knowledge.
Music lessons will offer the chance for pupils to develop creativity
to further enhance their personal, social & emotional development.


Class Teachers use Charanga Music planning and resources to teach
music throughout the academic year.

The Charanga Music School Scheme provides lessons which
encourage the development of musical skills as the learning
progresses through listening and appraising, differing musical
activities (including creating and exploring) and performing.
Resources are ordered by the Music Subject Leader in consultation
with the SLT.

One Education Music Services provides curriculum enrichment
through specialist music tuition. This tuition is in Year 5 where pupils
learn African Drumming.


Music has a high profile in school and is enjoyed by pupils and staff. 
Pupil and teacher voice have been sought by the Music Lead to
ensure offer continues to provide support and challenge.
Children are assessed using I can statements based on national
curriculum objectives as well as skills-based progress statements to
record if children are below, at, or working above national expected
Teachers have high expectations and pupils’ performances in class,
during assemblies and in key stage productions evidence this.

Progression of Skills

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Music Long Term Plan

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