Hello Year 1

On this page you will find all the home learning tasks for Year 1 over the next few days while we have to stay at home. I hope you are all well and if you have any issues please let me know at the email address – year1@st-annes-pri.manchester.sch.uk



Literacy – Retell a story in your own words.

Watch the video below to remind you of the story ‘Pinocchio’ we have been reading in class.

Once you have watched this try to retell the story in your own sentences.

Group 1 – Can you retell the story in detail using adjectives to describe, use conjunctions and/because to create super sentences.

Group 2 – Can you tell the story in simple sentences? Talk about what order things happen in the story.

Group 3 – Write a couple of simple sentences about the story.


Maths – Measure in objects and CM

Go on a hunt around your house, using a ruler can you measure each object in CM. Write a sentence for each one. E.g. – The pencil is 20CM long.

if you do not have a ruler at home can you compare the length of different objects using the vocabulary – longer, shorter, longest, shortest, etc ..

e.g – The plate is the longest, the spoon is the shortest. The plate is longer than the spoon.


Handwriting – Practice your letter formation following the video below.


Topic – In our topic we have been talking about our favourite toys.

Activity – Can you write a few sentences about your favourite toys? Can you answer these questions?

  1. What is you favourite toy?
  2. Why do you like it?
  3. Does your toy move at all?
  4. How does your toy work?
  5. How do you play with your toy?
  6. What materials is your toy made from?



Email any pictures of your work to the Year 1 email address.


Keep up the hard work Year 1!


Mr Moynihan