Week beginning – 30.03.20

Hello Year 1 children and parents. Just a quick message to say well done to all the children who have been completing the online tasks set for them. I have very much appreciated the pictures of all the wonderful things you have been doing/creating at home. A huge thank you to parents who have been helping  children with their learning, I understand that this is quite a task with everything currently going on. Keep going and I will hopfully see you all very soon once things have calmed down.


Keep up the hard word


Mr Moynihan

A big thank you to all the parents who have already sent pictures of children’s home learning to me, this is much appreciated!

Some superstars from our first week of home learning:







*This weeks tasks*

Can you go outside to your garden and hunt for minibeasts? Use the sheet below and tick off any you find! You can even send pictures to year1@st-annes-pri.manchester.sch.uk to show me any of the interesting beasties you find.

Happy Hunting 🙂

Download (PDF, 2.41MB)

To go alongside our maths learning about measurement, can yout make a recipe uaing different quantities of mas and volume. Perhaps you could try this very simple recipe below for fairy cakes.

Download (PDF, 562KB)



Dear Parents/carers,

Thank you for visiting this page. I will use this page to share general resources which the children can access if learning from home. Feel free to explore these links and resources with your child/children. I will update the other pages regularly should the need arise.

TTS have released a home learning booklet which is suitable for Year One and Year Two pupils with a range of exciting and interesting activities.

Phonics play –Phonics play is a fantastic website full of interactive game your child can play on their tablet to aid their phonics learning. The activities can be catered towards your child’s current ability ranging from phase 2 to 5.

The BBC Bitesize website has great resources especially for English and Maths, I will use this to support home learning activities however I recommend exploring it with your child.

I will be updating this page regularly as well as the subject specific home learning pages with set work for your child to complete at home with your support.

You could even try to complete some of the edited activity passport:

1. Record different sounds and ask others to guess what they are
2. Make some biscuits
3. Make and taste chapattis
4. Make a puppet
5. Put on a shadow puppet show
6. Read a book with your parent/carer
7. Discover what is in a pond
8. Create a piece of art for an exhibition
9. Look up at the stars on a clear night
10. Perform a dance
11. Go on a mini-beast hunt in your garden
12. Make a home for an insect or small creature
13. Create a collage
14. Create a comic strip
15. create a paper-mache sculpture
16. Follow a recipe
17. Record different wild life you see in your garden
18. Make a card for your mum or dad
19. Build a den
20. Do a performance for your family