Hello Year 1

Whilst we are all at home, we will be using the internet to help with our learning, to keep us all entertained and to have fun. However, we all need to remember how to use the internet safely and responsibly. Earlier in the school year we learnt about how to stay safe online by following our SMART rules. Just to refresh our memories these are:

SAFE – S is for Safe – Keep your personal details like your name and address and your school safe. Don’t share these with anyone you meet online. If you are unsure, always ask an adult (parent/carer).

MEET – M is for Meet – Don’t meet people you only know online unless you are with a trusted adult. If you are unsure always ask your trusted adult.

ACCEPT – A is for Accept – Don’t click on any links/pop-ups that you are unsure about. Remember if something sounds too good to be true is probably is. Always ask an adult if you are unsure.

RELIABLE – R is for Reliable – Don’t believe everything you see or you are told online. You should always check trusted websites to see if something is true. Always ask an adult if you are unsure.

TELL – T is for Tell – If you see or hear anything online that is uppsetting or scary or confusing, tell an adult. They will know what to do.


To recap on some of these rules I have included a Powerpoint presentation and an activity sheet. Can you help Kia Kangeroo to stay safe online?

Download (PPTX, 14.89MB)

Download (PDF, 186KB)