At St Anne’s RC Primary School, we recognise that there is a very clear relationship between the regularity with which pupils attend school and their academic achievement.

Pupils with good attendance benefit from:

  • Continuity of learning in lessons
  • Improved performance in examinations
  • Support and guidance with Reading, Writing and Maths.
  • Maintaining friendships.
  • Developing good habits for adult life.

We therefore ask for your support to keep absences to a minimum, so that we can prepare your child effectively for their future.

Punctuality Facts

5 minutes late each day = 3 days of lost learning each year

15 minutes late each day = 2 weeks of lost learning each year

30 minutes late each day = 19 days of lost learning each year

Holidays in Term Time

No holidays will be authorised unless there is an exceptional circumstance. If you choose to take an unauthorised leave of absence then you may be at risk of a £60 per child per parent fine from the Local Authority.

Colour Coded Letters