What is Google Classroom?


Google Classroom is a collaborative tool for teachers and pupils. Your child’s class teacher has created an online classroom and invited your child to the class. As well as using Google Classroom to complete tasks within school – we will create and assign homework tasks via Google Classroom too! 


Your child has their own username and password – they can access Google Classroom via the internet on any device.  They will be given these to take home and you can always check in with your child’s teacher if these have been lost.


Download (PDF, 154KB)


How to Guides

Pupils, if you need a refresher for using Google Classroom here is a basic introduction to the Student’s View of Google Classroom. If you have any questions please contact your teacher.




Parents/carers if you would like to watch this short video which should help you to understand some of the most important parts of your child’s new Google Classroom:





Each year group will have a weekly timetable that will be shared online. This will share the overview for which lessons each year group will be provided with. Here is a timetable for Key Stage 1 pupils for Year 1 and Year 2.


Download (PDF, 42KB)