Welcome to the Year 6 class page!


Curriculum Letter to Parents – Autumn 1


Dear parent/carer,

First of all I would like to welcome your child to Year 6, and wish them all the best in their final year at St Anne’s!


Below is an outline of what Year 6 will be covering this half term:

Mathematics – Place value work including decimal numbers, numbers up to 10 million and negative numbers, calculating using all four operations and solving real life problems using these skills.

Literacy – Looking at different fiction genres (e.g. mystery and adventure) and writing and reading stories based on these different genres.

R.E. – Looking at the Big Question ‘Do you have to earn love?’ and think about what we can learn from the Bible and life today about this.

Science – Exploring how electricity works through making circuits with bulbs, buzzers and motors.

Art – Learning about South American Art, taking inspiration from artists such as Frida Kahlo to improve our sculpting, drawing and collage skills.

Geography – Learning about the ‘Amazing Americas’ through using geographical skills like reading maps and atlases to discover more about where places are and what goes on there.

Music – In our ‘World Unite’ topic, learning how different objects can be used to create percussion and linking this to a deeper understanding of rhythm in songs.

Computing – Learning how to use and create spreadsheets for budgets and other things.

PSHCE – Learning about democracy, how the world is interconnected and how to cope at times when we feel stress.

P.E. – Learning about the ‘Best of Britain’ in dance, as well as outdoor games every Thursday



Children will be given homework every Thursday to be completed for the following Monday, starting from 13/9/19. If your child is unable to complete their homework at home, they can complete it at Homework Club with Mr Owen each Monday. Their homework will consist of the following each week: a comprehension exercise, arithmetic practice, spellings and their reading book. The children need to practise their spellings by also finding the definitions of the words – they need to be able to write their spellings correctly in a sentence. These sentences need to be written in their homework book each week.


P.E. kits

Children will need their P.E. kits every Thursday. They MUST have the correct P.E. kit for outdoor games – a plain white t-shirt, black or blue shorts (or plain tracksuit bottoms and top when it gets colder).


If you have any questions about Year 6 please arrange to speak to Mr. Owen after school.


Mr. Owen