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Dear parents and carers,

Welcome back to another half term in Year 6. We hope you had a safe and lovely Christmas. We’re looking forward to being back together for another half term in Year 6.

Our topics this half term


In our maths lessons this half term, we will looking at decimals and percentages before moving on to algebra. We will also be continuing to work on our arithmetic methods and skills for answering our SATs questions.

It was confirmed before Christmas that SATs will be taking place for Year 6 children this year. It is very important that they have a concrete understanding of their times tables up to 12x, as being able to recall these quickly and accurately will help them greatly in tests. Please continue to work on these at home. Children can access websites such as Hit the Button and Ten Ticks to help with their learning. If you would like any times tables worksheets to work on at home, please do not hesitate to ask.


This half term we will be reading the book Wonder. Using what we read, we will be writing diaries, retelling stories, looking at formality, emails and conversational writing.

Religious Education

Our first topic this half term will be focused around the question ‘Are books enriching?’. We will be looking at some of our favourite books and the significance of the Bible. After this, our next big question will be ‘Why are we happiest when we are united?’, thinking about the Eucharist and the unity this creates.


Our science topic this half term will be animals including humans. We will be looking at and naming the main parts of the human circulatory system, looking at the function of the heart, blood vessels and blood. We will also be looking at the impact diet, exercise, lifestyle and drugs have on the body, thinking about the way that nutrients and water are transported in humans.


Our Geography topic this half term is ‘Amazing Americas’. We will be continuing to develop our atlas skills finding countries and capital cities in North and South America, developing our use of geographical vocabulary and describing the weather and climate of the Americas. We will also be comparing areas of the Americas with our local area, learning more about the ancient and new wonders that can be found in North and South America.


In art, we will be looking at a variety of South American artists. We will be making clay monkeys, making picture puzzles, murals, dream catchers and collages.

Children will continue to be given weekly homework, consisting of a reading comprehension, spellings and arithmetic or maths work. Homework is given out on Thursdays. For this half term, homework will continue to be given out on individual sheets (not in a homework book) and will not have to be returned to school. Homework answers will be posted on the Year 6 page on the class website. Even though homework will not have to be handed in at school for us to mark, we would encourage your child to complete their homework weekly as this will be beneficial in the run up to their SATs. If your child struggles with any topics given as homework, please let me know, as this is something we can look at together in school. Weekly spelling tests will continue to be on a Thursday. Children have been given reading books and diaries for the year, but these will continue to be kept in school. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to ask.

Currently, our PE slots are a Tuesday and Thursday.  This may be subject to change and I will remind children the day before their PE days. If for any reason PE will not be taking place or our day has had to be changed, I will tell children the day before. Children will need to come to school in their PE kit on PE days, consisting of black or navy blue shorts or tracksuit bottoms, a plain white T-shirt and pumps or trainers.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything, please do not hesitate to ask me or give me a call at school. Thank you for your continued support. We continue to be incredibly proud of how hard the class are working in the current circumstances and they are all making fantastic progress. They are all working so hard and are showing they are determined and committed to do well in their SATs at the end of the year. We are really looking forward to another half term together with them putting lots of smiles on our faces.

Miss Tustain and Mr Corr