Welcome to the Year 2 class page!


Friday 17th June


Dear Year 2,

To help you prepare for our Great Fire of London assembly please watch and practise this song:

https://youtu.be/J5eVlKWSHAA It’s the September 1666 song we will be singing next week!

I thought you might also enjoy playing this game (the one we started in class), let me know ho you get on!


I have updated your reading lists for Rockerbox News and 10ticks,


Have a lovely week,

Mr Hoskin


Wednesday 27th April

Dear Parents and Carers, 

Welcome to the Summer Term!

Mathematics – Year 2 will develop the children’s understanding of Height and Length, Time as well as Mass and Capacity.

Literacy – We will be writing and reading narrative stories based on African myths and legends. We will be learning to use and apply exciting vocabulary in our stories, letter writing and poetry that will bring our writing to life.

RE – Our lessons will explore the themes of Democracy, Freedom as well as Reconciliation/ Anointing of the Sick, Hinduism.

Topic – In our ‘Kenyan Safari’ unit we will developing our knowledge of Kenya, looking at the similarities and differences between Kenya and England.

Science – Our learning in science will focus on developing our scientific enquiry skills and looking at making predictions. There will be lots of hands on learning and opportunities to develop the children’s understanding of investigations.



The homework will be set each week on a Friday to be completed by the following Thursday. There will be a weekly spelling test and a weekly arithmetic test.

Maths – Homework for this term will be found on 10ticks website.

Spellings – paper copies will be sent home each Friday, with a test the following Friday.

Comprehension – Log in to Rockerbox News there you will find a number of non-fiction texts set to your child’s reading ability.

If access to any of these materials is difficult please let me know. 


Reading Books

We will send home weekly reading books, with new books going each Friday, books should be returned by Thursday. There will be a level appropriate reading book and a library book that the children have chosen. The expectation is that children in Year 2 should read at home every day, a record of this can be kept in the children’s reading record. If books are returned early I will try to change them so children can have constant access to book at their reading level.

Please, whenever possible, read to your children. They will absolutely love this.


P.E. kits

Children will need to arrive at school in their P.E. kits for their lessons. They MUST have the correct P.E. kit for outdoor games – a plain white t-shirt, black or blue shorts (or plain tracksuit bottoms and top when it gets colder). P.E. is on Mondays and Wednesday every week.

Have a lovely week and take care,

Mr Hoskin


Here are some extra websites to explore: 

10ticks.com has been updated to help practise mathematical fluency at home.

We use https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/ to practise our phonics in class, there are free to use resources there to practise some phonics at home! If you click on these links and select a game to play and a sound – any would a good starting point to practise:




The BBC website has some great resources :


There are plenty of phonics games to play at home here:


Here are some extra maths games which cover what has been taught in class so far this term:





Here are some free online books that you can select from:



And Manchester Library’s free Borrow Box: https://manchester.borrowbox.com/



Outside of school, you could even try to complete some of the edited activity passport: