Hello Year 4! 😍

Wow! Week 2 already. So many of you were absent for the last week and it feels such a long time since we saw each other. I am missing you all and hoping you are doing well at home. I tried to do some origami this week and it was not easy! I need to think of something new to try this week; something easier!


Please remember to keep sending me photos/scans of the work you’re doing at home. Also, feel free to send me an email to say hello and tell me all about what you’ve been reading/doing whilst you have been at home.

I have had quite a few of you email me but I would love to hear from more of you.

Here is the email: 




If there is anything you need, please email me to let me know.

After spending a week at home, here are my tips for home learning:

    1. Get dressed in the morning! Working in pyjamas makes us feel quite sluggish and lazy- get ready for the day like you do when you are going to school. It’s good to have routine.
    2. Stay active! Check the active page on Year 4 class link to see the PE Body Coach videos. My daughter and I have been doing them every morning.
    3. Read 🙂 We all know I love reading and this is the perfect chance to get stuck into a good book. Why not do a book review, new book cover or character description and email them to me to show me?

That’s all for now but keep checking the website for updates. Answers to work will be posted on Friday and new work will be posted Monday morning!

Speak to you soon.

Miss Berry 🙂


I have had 2 emails asking for help with the division method so here is a video of my daughter explaining it to you. I hope this helps 🙂

Here are some optional activities which will be great ways of staying busy whilst school is closed!

You are unique

superhero activity

Year 4 bingo

Week 2


Expanded noun phrases week 2

Inverted commas Week 2

Week 2 your and you’re

Reading Comprehension-

Just like in our guided reading sessions, there is a pre-read text and questions below. You all know which groups you are in so you only need to answer the questions for your group.

The Owl and the Pussy Week 2 reading

Reading Comprehension Week 2

Maths Week 2


Arithmetic Week 2

Super Tricky Arithmetic Week 2

Here is an adding decimal numbers chilli challenge! You all know how to do these as we do them all the time. You should all be able to do the yellow no problems but then they get harder and harder! I will post the answers on Friday! Click on the picture below and it gets bigger.


2 Step word problems!

We have been working on these type of word problems since before Christmas so we know what to do! 

Remember you can draw the question out to help you. Here is a quick video to talk you through it.

Word problems Week 2

Answers to Week 1 work

Here are the answers to week 1’s work. Any problems, send me an email 🙂

Addition week 1 answers

Arithmetic week 1 answers

division week 1

Tricky division answers week 1

Answers to reading comprehension



Multiplication Week 1


Division week 1


Tricky division Week 1


Y4 multiplication and division additional work


Addition Week 1



Easter reading comprehension



Week 1 SPaG mat


Literacy week 1


Pobble week 1



Art week 1