On this page, you can find all the information you need about important days and what we have been doing throughout the week. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to speak to me at home time.

Our first theme in our RE learning is ‘Called.’ We will be sharing our different experiences of being welcomed into new situations and groups and the importance of this welcome. We will discuss how this helps us to feel comfortable with new situations and belonging to new groups- how can we make others feel welcome in our class/school?
We will celebrate the call, from God, to be in his family through Baptism and why this is so special to us. We will be sharing scripture that recounts God’s invitations to people to share his life and work with others. We will consider our role in this. We will also look at the vocations and how people have been called to dedicate their lives to God’s work. This will be enriched by a visit to the Marist Centre which is always something staff and children alike look forward to.
As we approach Advent, we will be preparing for the birth of Jesus! It is a truly magnificent time in school and we will be celebrating the gift of Jesus, given by God as a sign and expression of His love. Giving and receiving reflects the truth that all life is given by God and life is given meaning through the gift of Jesus.

Our literacy work will focus on the story of Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. We will be writing character and setting descriptions and considering whether we have including enough detail. Could we draw the setting/character from your description? We will be writing newspaper reports and writing our own stories about finding a strange visitor on our doorstep in the morning!

In Maths, we will be looking at length and perimeter. We will be converting units of measurement (km, m, cm and mm) and applying these skills to finding the perimeter of rectilinear shapes. We will be solving reasoning and word problems and working together to solve real life problems involving how someone might design a patio with a given perimeter and lay a carpet- is there only one way?
Later, we will be moving onto multiplication and division. Children’s homework will focus mainly on the 4 operations and times tables as these basic skills are the foundation on which we will be building on for the rest of Year 4 and beyond.

During our science lessons, we will be exploring the complexity of sound. We will be identifying high and low sounds and also loud and quiet sounds and thinking about what the difference is between the two. We will be observing how different sounds are made and also how sound travels and changes over distance.
We will be developing our scientific enquiry skills to find the most suitable material for absorbing sound by making predictions and observations. Finally, we will be creating a musical instrument that will play different sounds.

We are very excited about our D&T topic which is Great Bread Bake Off! We will be researching the history of Warbutons and trying their existing products. We will be designing our own bread products and choosing sweet or savoury ingredients to add to our recipes. We will then be baking our bread and presenting our baked products to a panel of judges!

In music, we will be looking at the theme of sounds which will go nicely with our science topic. We will be learning a class song and adding our own beatbox patterns! We will be learning about how to classify instruments into their different categories by considering how the sound is made which will help us when we make our own instruments during our science learning.

Our computing theme is animations. We will learn how to create a series of linked frames that can be played as a short animation. We will be learning how to control the time slider to find a certain point in our film quickly. We will be inserting images to create a stop-motion animation short film clip to enhance our literacy work on Lost and Found. When we have finished, we will look at our own and other children’s work and evaluate what we like and how we could improve our work next time.

Our PSHE work will be focused on Care for the Elderly, Stressed Out and Climate Change. As a Catholic school, we are always talking about the ways in which we care show love for each other- including, of course, those who are nnot as fortunate as us or vulnerable in any way. We will look at how the elderly are looked after in our community and whether we can do anything to help. Stressed Out will help us to understand the importance of mental health. Healthy bodies are important and this includes keeping our minds healthy too. What strategies do we have to help us regulate our mood, temper and to stop us feeling stressed? Climate Change will be the focus of our Network Choir performance for 2020 (a letter will be sent home soon). We will learn about the importance of recognising our part in making a positive impact on God’s earth- a great gift and one which needs our help.