Music Club


This half-term, children in years 1 and 2 have been given the opportunity to make lots of noise and music in our new music club. The children will be learning about different families of instruments and how these can be played.

This week (w/b 20.05.19) in music club we learnt about the different families of instruments and the children were introduced to stringed instruments. The children played ukuleles and had a go at the guitar. 


This week (w/b 13.05.19) in music club the children learnt all about the piano and how it makes it’s sound. We looked at the inside of the piano as it was being played and talked about it’s mechanics. As well as this we also played electronic pianos on the interactive whiteboard and on our Ipads.

This week (w/b 06.05.19) in Music Club we have been learning all about percussive instruments. The children really enjoyed beating, hitting, shaking and banging the different instruments which included maracas, congas, glockenspiels and many more.