6/7/20 – Message from Mr Owen

Hi everyone! Please find the links for BBC Bitesize work below. Work will continue to be updated on Education City daily.

6/7/20 English 7/7/20 English 8/7/20 English 9/7/20 English
6/7/20 Maths  7/7/20 Maths 8/7/20 Maths 9/7/20 Maths
6/7/20 Music 7/7/20 Art and Design 8/7/20 Drama 9/7/20 Music


29/6/20 – Message from Mr Owen


29/6/20 English 30/6/20 English 1/7/20 English 2/7/20 English 3/7/20 English
29/6/20 Maths 30/6/20 Maths 1/7/20 Maths 2/7/20 Maths 3/7/20 Maths
29/6/20 History 30/6/20 Geography 1/7/20 Science 2/7/20 Modern Foreign Languages 3/7/20 Design and Technology


22/6/20 – Message from Mr Owen


22/6/20 English 23/6/20 English 24/6/20 English 25/6/20 English 26/6/20 English
22/6/20 Maths 23/6/20 Maths 24/6/20 Maths 25/6/20 Maths 26/6/20 Maths
22/6/20 Computing 23/6/20 Geography 24/6/20 Science 25/6/20 Design and technology 26/6/20 Modern Foreign Languages


15/6/20 – Message from Mr Owen

Hi everyone! Hope you have all had a great weekend! I had a great week with my Year 6 group last week and look forward to continuing our learning in the coming week! Please see below for the home learning for this week. Please note all home learning now will be either be found on BBC Bitesize below or Education City. If you require your log in details for Education City, please email year6@st-annes-pri.manchester.sch.uk.

15/6/20 English 16/6/20 English 17/6/20 English 18/6/20 English 19/6/20 English
15/6/20 Maths 16/6/20 Maths 17/6/20 Maths 18/6/20 Maths 19/6/20 Maths
15/6/20 History 16/6/20 Geography 17/6/20 Science 18/6/20 Design and Technology 19/6/20 Computing


Lastly, make sure you look at our school’s Twitter page to see some of the fun Year 6 had last week!

Mr Owen

8/6/20 – Update from Mr Owen

Hi everyone! I’m so happy that I get to see Year 6 from tomorrow again! Please be mindful that school will be slightly different from what you are used to but all members of staff working with Year 6 are working together to make your last 6 weeks at St Anne’s very memorable!

Thanks again to everyone who kept up with their learning at home, whether it was work from this website, Education City or BBC Bitesize activities. It is so important to keep up all your hard work before you go to high school in September.

From today (after our half term break), I will continue to put on home learning on the website. Please note all home learning now will be either be found on BBC Bitesize below or Education City. If you require your log in details for Education City, please email year6@st-annes-pri.manchester.sch.uk.

8/6/20 English 9/6/20 English 10/6/20 English 11/6/20 English 12/6/20 English
8/6/20 Maths 9/6/20 Maths 10/6/20 Maths 11/6/20 Maths 12/6/20 Maths
8/6/20 History 9/6/20 Geography 10/6/20 Science  11/6/20 Modern Foreign Languages 12/6/20 Art and Design


See you tomorrow!

Mr Owen


18/5/20 – Update from Mr Owen

Hello everyone! Thanks to all those who are emailing me examples of your work! It is also great to see how many of you are logging on to Education City and completing the daily tasks on there! If you need any help with anything, please email me at year6@st-annes-pri.manchester.sch.uk. Please see the links for BBC Bitesize daily task below.

Mr Owen

18/5/20 English 19/5/20 English  20/5/20 English  21/5/20 English 22/5/20 English
18/5/20 Maths 19/5/20 Maths 20/5/20 Maths 21/5/20 Maths 22/5/20 Maths
18/5/20 History 19/5/20 Geography 20/5/20 Science 21/5/20 Computing 22/5/20 Music



11/5/20 – Update from Mr Owen

Hi Year 6! I hope enjoyed the weekend! This week, I want you to continue with the work on Education City – lots of you are logging on each day and completing work, which is great! Please also have a go at work on the other Home Learning pages on the website, as well as checking out the lessons on BBC Bitesize below. 

If you need any help with anything, please email me at year6@st-annes-pri.manchester.sch.uk.

Mr Owen

11/5/20 English 12/5/20 English 13/5/20 English 14/5/20 English 15/5/20 English
11/5/20 Maths 12/5/20 Maths 13/5/20 Maths 14/5/20 Maths 15/5/20 Maths
11/5/20 History 12/5/20 Geography 13/5/20 Science 14/5/20 Design and Technology 15/5/20 Art and Design


4/5/20 – Update from Mr Owen

Hi everyone! Hope you have had a good weekend! Thank you to all those who have begun work on Education City! It is very important to keep up with your learning so it is great to see lots of you trying the new work on there. Well done to everyone who also keeping up to date with work on the Home Learning pages on the website, too!

If there is anyone who still requires a password for Education City, or needs help with any work, please email year6@st-annes-pri.manchester.sch.uk.

Mr Owen

P.S. Remember you can also do the BBC Bitesize lessons each day! The links for the daily lessons are below:


4/5/20 English 5/5/20 English 6/5/20 English
4/5/20 Maths 5/5/20 Maths 6/5/20 Maths
4/5/20 History 5/5/20 Geography 6/5/20 Science



29/4/20 – Update from Mr Owen

Work for English, Maths and Science is now available on Education City! This website has interactive activities that are laptop and tablet friendly. If you do not yet have your log in details, please email year6@st-annes-pri.manchester.sch.uk to receive them. Thank you to the children who have already begun to have a go at the activities on there!

Mr Owen


27/4/20 – Update from Mr Owen

Hi everyone! Hope you are all staying safe and well at home! I also hope you are doing lots of the activities that are on the website, whether that is having a go at the BBC Bitesize activities, completing the activities I’m putting on the website, or a bit of both! As ever, please feel free to email me at year6@st-annes-pri.manchester.sch.uk if you have any questions about your work, or if you want to send me some photos of work you have been doing to put on these web pages!

Miss Brown also says hi – we are both missing teaching you all!

Mr Owen

27/4/20 English 28/4/20 English 29/4/20 English 30/4/20 English 1/5/20 English
27/4/20 Maths 28/4/20 Maths 29/4/20 Maths 30/4/20 Maths 1/5/20 Maths
27/4/20 History 28/4/20 Geography  29/4/20 Science 30/4/20 RE 1/5/20 Music

20/4/20 – Update from Mr Owen

Hello Year 6! I hope you all had a great weekend!

BBC Bitesize have updated their content to enable children to learn further online – full lessons with activities are available for Year 6. I have attached links for this week’s lessons below.

20/4/20 English

20/4/20 Maths

20/4/20 History

21/4/20 English

21/4/20 Maths

21/4/20 Geography

22/4/20 English

22/4/20 Maths

22/4/20 Science

23/4/20 English

23/4/20 Maths

23/4/20 Music

24/4/20 English

24/4/20 Maths

24/4/20 Well-being

Please try these lessons in addition to the activities I put on our home learning pages! It is very important that you continue with your learning at home. I will update this page weekly with links to the BBC Bitesize learning activities. If you have any questions, please email me at year6@st-annes-pri.manchester.sch.uk

Mr Owen


17/4/20 Updated message to Year 6 from Mr Owen

Hello Year 6! Hope you are all well, staying at home, washing your hands and just generally looking after yourselves!

I hope you are all enjoying the activities that I have put on here for you to have a go at. If you get stuck on anything, don’t forget you can email me at year6@st-annes-pri.manchester.sch.uk. You can also use this email address to send me any work you want me to look (you can take a photo of your work and attach it to the email, for example). You could also let me know in the email how you are getting on! Miss Brown and I are missing you all – Miss Brown says hello and hopes you are all trying some of the topic work on the topic work home learning page too!

Hope to see you all as soon as possible!

Mr Owen


A message for Parents


Dear parents/carers,

Thank you for visiting this page. I will use this page to share general resources which the children can access if learning from home. Feel free to explore these links and resources with your child/children. I will update the other pages regularly should the need arise.

Here are some starting points for home learning – please explore all the Year 6 Home Learning pages and let me know if you require anything via the email address at the bottom of the page!

TTS have released a home learning booklet which is suitable for Key Stage pupils with a range of exciting and interesting activities – click here 

The BBC Bitesize website has great resources especially for English and Maths – click here

To keep active at home, please try some of the fun PE challenges that we have explained to the children in school! Click here 

Also, try doing PE with Joe each day.


If you need any clarifications about home learning please contact me on year6@st-annes-pri.manchester.sch.uk as I will check regularly as I update these home learning pages. If you need a log in for 10ticks please email me for this.

Many thanks,

Mr Owen

A note to Year 6

Dear Year 6,

I hope you are all well! Firstly, I want to thank you for how fantastic and mature you have been over the past few weeks! In school, you have been a huge help to the younger children and have shown great maturity in looking after your peers (and yourselves!).

The next few weeks are going to be strange, and at the moment I’m not sure when we will be back in school to talk about it all again. Please keep up-to-date with the Year 6 Home Learning pages and check what you can be doing to keep up with your learning, as I hope to be discussing what tasks you have completed with you later on this year. As a Year 6 team, Miss Brown and I have put together activities for you to use throughout your time off. The aim of this is to keep your skills up ready for when you come back to school. Try to do a little every day, it will help! There are also some PE exercises you might like to do for a break. 

Remember to check our class pages regularly.   I will regularly be adding activities you can have a go at. Please stay in touch! Feel free to email me (year6@st-annes-pri.manchester.sch.uk) to let me know what work tasks you have been completing or to ask for any help with anything.

Finally from me, I have greatly enjoyed all the fun and laughter we have had in class so far this year, and I very much look forward to us have many more days like this later on this year! I am optimistic that we will be back together in school again this year, planning all kinds of exciting things and being reunited as the great team we are!

Stay safe and look after yourselves, Year 6 (keep singing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice and washing those hands!)
Mr Owen