Please find ideas and activities below for staying safe while you are at home!

Visit the ‘Think U Know’ website for lots of ideas about keeping safe on the internet, on social media and who to contact if you are worried or concerned about anything.


Visit the UK Safer Internet Centre for further advice about keeping safe on line.

Click on the large Coronavirus image above to remind yourself how to stay safe at this time!

Tips and advice about you can play your part in slowing down the spread of Coronavirus. 

Just like if you are feeling unwell, if you are feeling unhappy, worried or sad, it is also really important that you talk to an adult too. It is important to make sure we talk about our feelings and don’t bottle them inside – talking through our worries to others will help us feel much better. If you don’t feel like speaking to someone in your family, you could always look on the Childline Website for help or give them a call (for free) on 0800 1111