In Year 6, we aim to create a diverse range of learning opportunities for the children across the curriculum. Below are some examples of the rich, exciting activities that have gone on so far in the Autumn term.


In Maths, we have been learning lots about place value, including numbers up to 10 million and what happens when you multiply and divide numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. We have used the practical skills from White Rose Maths to become experts at using place value grids!


In Religious Education, we have been thinking about the big question ‘Do you have to earn love?’

We learned lots about unconditional love, learning about the ‘Prodigal Son’ among other Scripture to learn how forgiveness is an essential part of showing love to each other. We even had Father Alphonus visit us to give us his opinions on the big question!

Collective Worship

Every Tuesday, we have pupil-led Collective Worship. Our talented Year 6 children use the Gospel from Sunday to create a series of moral questions for their peers to consider, giving them a mission to complete as a focus for the rest of the week. This enhances their spirituality and helps them consider how they follow in Jesus’ footsteps in 2019.


In art, we looked at different artists from South America and used their work to act as inspiration for our own creative pieces. The photos below show how we used the art of Frida Kahlo to sculpt our own ‘Clay Monkeys’, using her love of nature as the basis for our creativity!

In Science, we built upon our knowledge of electricity from Year 4 by investigating what happens to the brightness of a bulb when you add extras components into a circuit or increase the length of the wires. We found out that the bulb definitely becomes dimmer!
The circuits we remembered from Year 4!
How we developed our learning!
We had lots of fun when we added in even more components!
In Computing, we have learned how to create spreadsheets. We began by learning how to locate cells and use different formulas, before planning budgets for a party using the skills we picked up! Take a look at one of our spreadsheets below.
We also learned how to create a spreadsheet to budget for our own imaginary trip!