Staying Safe

As school is shut and you are spending more time at home than you usually would, here are some reminders and websites about keeping yourself safe whilst you are at home:

  • Limit your screen time – remember to have breaks from using your phone, tablet, games console, TV or computer. Whilst they are great ways to stay on top of your home learning, you need to give your eyes and brain a break. Are there any activities you could do without using a screen? 
  • Do your home learning in small chunks – you have breaks at school so make sure you give yourself a break at home too! Try to stay active – mix up your learning with some exercise, dancing, a game or even helping your family out with chores!
  • Try to eat a balanced diet – try to eat fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water!
  • Try to get some fresh air in your back garden.
  • Make sure you stay with an adult if you leave your house and be careful when crossing roads.
  • Your time off school might be a great time for you to learn some cooking skills, but make sure if you are in the kitchen, you are being safe and supervised by an adult if using kitchen equipment. 
  • Remember to keep your fingers and other objects away from plug sockets! Wires and other electrical equipment are not things to be played with and can be dangerous. 
  • If you start to feel unwell or poorly, tell an adult straight away – adults will know what to do! 
  • Just like if you are feeling unwell, if you are feeling unhappy, worried or sad, it is also really important that you talk to an adult too. It is important to make sure we talk about our feelings and don’t bottle them inside – talking through our worries to others will help us feel much better. If you don’t feel like speaking to someone in your family, you could always look on the Childline Website for help or give them a call (for free) on 0800 1111
  • I’m sure you will be using the internet much more now you are at home, so make sure you are using it safely and responsibly! You all use the internet safely when you are in school, so make sure you are doing the same at home. Don’t go on any websites that don’t look trustworthy, don’t speak to anyone you don’t know and tell an adult if something makes you uncomfortable – see the SMART poster below for more ways to stay safe online!
  • Make sure you keep washing your hands – remember to wash for 20 seconds (sing happy birthday to yourself twice to make sure you have done it for long enough!)

If you can think of any other ways that I have missed, send me an email and I can add them to the list! You could also make a poster telling others how to stay safe at home which I could add to the webpage!

Stay safe, 

Miss T