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Update 3/4/20

Hi guys!

I can’t believe we’ve now spent two weeks apart (even longer for some of you!) I am really missing you all and all of our work together – a part of me is even missing marking your books every day! I have been in school this week – it is very strange and lonely without all of you there to make me laugh! I am still hoping we are back together soon, but for now, I hope you are all working as hard at home as you all do at school and checking our class pages regularly for work you can complete. But, I also hope you are all having fun and spending time with your families whilst you are off school.

I have really enjoyed getting emails from some of you with all of the hard work you are completing at home – I’ve put some of the excellent work some of you have been completing (both at home and with me in school) down below to share with you all, I’m very impressed! I would love to get emails from some more of you, whether this is to show me your work, to say hello, to send me photos of what you are up to or you could even write your own letter to Year 5 which I could post on the website over Easter for the rest of our class to see!

I’ve also been checking who has been logging in to Ten Ticks – thank you and well done to those of you who have! You know I spend our maths lessons saying, “You need to know your times tables!!!!”, so it is lovely to see you working on them whilst you are at home.

This will be my last post until after Easter – I will start posting daily literacy, maths and reading work again on the 14th of April, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Over Easter, use the home learning topic page and online pages for some activities you could complete. As Easter approaches, you could also try some different Easter or Holy Week activities – you might create your own Last Supper, retell the Stations of the Cross or create some Easter artwork! Whatever you do, make sure you relax and stay safe (check our our staying safe page for more information on how to stay safe!)

Mr Corr hopes you are all well and is missing you too!

Missing you all lots! Stay safe.

Miss T

Click on the images below to make them bigger: 

Some fantastic multiplication problem solving from Ashley!
Ashley’s amazing parenthesis!
Aneisia’s fantastic report on Holy Week she did at school this week!











Update 27/3/20

Hello Year 5!

I hope you are all doing well whilst you are at home. I firstly want to say thank you for all of your hard work so far in Year 5 and for being so mature over the past few weeks – you have helped to look after yourselves, your peers and me! It is very strange to not be in school with you all and I’m not sure when we will all be back together – I have really enjoyed all of our time spent together so far and I am looking forward to spending more time with you (you’ll be complaining about Wednesday morning mental maths before you know it!)

Whilst you are at home, try to stay up-to-date with the different Year 5 Home learning pages to try and keep your brains active; try to keep all of your skills up for when we are back together.  Maybe spend an hour a day (or more if you want!) completing the activities I post. Try to stay active (try the Joe Wicks PE lessons on YouTube) and read whenever you can.

All of the activities for this week have been posted on the different pages (find links to the pages below) – remember to check out the topic page if you are looking for some other activities you could complete. I’ll be back on Monday morning with more activities for you!

Thank you to everyone who has sent me updates and their work via the class email. This email isn’t just for you to show me your ‘school’ work – if you want to tell me something you have done, send me any pictures of what you are up to, ask for help or if you just want to say hello, don’t forget, I’m only ever an email away! (

That’s all for now, keep safe and speak to you soon.

Miss Tustain 


Our home learning pages will be used to share general resources which the children can access if learning from home. Feel free to explore these links and resources with your child/children. I will update the other pages regularly. Please find below links to the different home learning pages for Year 5- click the page titles to access the website pages. 

If you need any clarifications about home learning or your child has forgotten their login for a website or app, please contact me on  – I will check this email regularly and will respond as soon as possible.

Maths Home Learning:

This page will be updated daily with maths activities (including answers) for the children to complete.

Literacy Home Learning:

This page will be updated daily with literacy and spelling/handwriting activities for the children to complete.

Reading Home Learning:

Our reading page will be updated daily with reading activities for children to complete during the week.

Topic Home Learning:

Our topic home learning page will have a range of activities that the children could complete for a variety of subject areas.

Online Learning:

This page will contain links to lots of fantastic, free websites that the children can access to aid their learning at home.

Useful Documents

On this page you will be able to find useful documents such as the Year 5/6 spelling list, explanations of different grammar and recaps on how to complete methods in maths which children may find useful to aid their learning.


Miss Tustain