Welcome to Year 5! Your class teacher is Miss Ames and the class is supported by Miss Shing. 


Please find below an overview of our learning for Autumn 2:

Maths– Statistics (tables and line graphs) and multiplication and division;

English – Writing character and setting descriptions for our own magical lands – see below to Land of Roar for further information;

Guided Reading – Monday and Friday: whole class debate and P4C studying class novel, The Land of Roar and Tues-Thurs retrieval and inference with a weekly theme;

History: Learning about Italian heritage in Ancoats;

Geography: Learning to read maps, identify symbols on ordinance survey maps and linking this to our Manchester theme;

Computing: Spreadsheets;

PE: Invasion games;

Computing: Spreadsheets;

RE: Waiting in Hope for Jesus.


PE lessons will be every Wednesday and Friday; please come to school dressed in your PE kits. Homework is given out on a Thursday and does not need to be returned to school. Additional home learning sites are listed below to consolidate prior learning in school. The children are using Morning Challenge as they filter into school each day. This is a task that focuses on quick maths, self-editing, improving geographical knowledge and boosting vocabulary. If your child is not attending school, the morning challenge can be accessed at home and will be updated weekly on here.

Assembly link for Remembrance Day – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLLLlKfT38g&feature=youtu.be


Weekly news:

In maths, we have been identifying factors and multiples. We have been using Numicon to support us. 


We became inventors last week and have been looking at Washington Sheffield and his toothpaste invention. The children had a go at making their own toothpaste today and cleaning stains from egg shells acting as their teeth! 

Lee got involved in #believathon reading challenge last week, after claiming at the start of Y5 that he doesn’t like reading! He has devoured this book and has tweeted his entry to author of Pizazz, Sophy Henn. He received this wonderful message in return and earned the class a signed copy of Sophy’s next book! We are very pleased. #readingforpleasure 

The children did a sponsored circuit today in PE, taking inspiration from Joe Wickes! The link to their video is here if you’d like to watch at home! It has to be copied and pasted I’m afraid! https://youtu.be/4YbR-zZ44mI  



Year 5 Homework – 24/11/2020

Spellings – we are focusing on the suffix ‘ible’ next week:












We are looking at multiplication and division in maths. We have been identifying multiples and factors of numbers and attempting problem-solving and reasoning questions. It would be beneficial to be consolidating this at home. Choose a number and write down its multiples up to 13 or pick a number and identify how many factor pairs it has.

Example: multiples of 8: 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88, 96, 104… 800, 8000, 80,000

Examples of factor pairs: 24 = 24×1, 12×2, 8×3, 6×4        factor pairs: 60 = 60×1, 30×2, 20×3, 15×4, 12×5, 10×6

Including similes and metaphors in my writing: 


We have also been working on direct speech. The children can have a go at a creating their own dialogue between Arthur and Rose, punctuating their speech correctly. We have been doing this daily in class. 

An example: rose said watch out arthur! They’re coming for you!    —->     Rose squealed, “Watch out, Arthur! They’re coming for you!” 

We have been working hard today to practice our Christmas song with actions following British Sign Language. Please continue to practice at home using this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SH5-zdMRsMA

We are currently reading Land of Roar in class by Jenny McLaughlin, so if the children have their own copy, they are more than welcome to bring it in to use in class.

Can you create your own magical world? Who would live in that world? Would there be good vs bad? How would you get to your land? Can you gather some similes and personification sentences ready to start writing on Monday?

Below are some generic catch up videos for areas of learning that we are covering in class.

Place value to 4 digits

1, 10, 100 and 1000 less

Year 5 maths – rounding to nearest 10, 100 and 1000 

Multiplying by 10 and 100

Verbs and tenses – English work  

Fronted adverbials – English

Writing book reviews and sharing good books

Writing instructions 



Some photos of our learning in class: 

Our wonderful readers, participating in #Believathon reading competition to have finished 13 books as a class by the end of November! Lee has been reading Pizazz, Christian went for the fabulous picture book A Stone for Sascha and Faith has just completed Charlotte’s Web. Keep them coming! 

Sonia and Faith loved Can You See Me so much that they wrote a review to send to 12 year old co-author Libby Scott! They even got a reply tweet!

Year 5 enjoying their African drumming workshop! Link here to private video:

 Dylan and Faith listening to and instructing each other on how to make a jam sandwich! 


Joshua and Olivia testing the effects of leaving an egg shell in orange juice over night for our teeth experiment! 

Payton and Stephanie testing the effects of leaving their egg in milk overnight – very stinky!

Brooke was very excited to get a tweet from her favourite poet this week! She has devoured his poems recently and even had a go at writing her own to send to him! 

 Scarlett and Willemm enjoyed learning about Ramadan and Eid in RE this week. They were fascinated reading the Qur’an from right to left!