Autumn 1 – Black History Month Workshop at Manchester Central Library

We visited Manchester Central Library to take part in a Black History Month workshop. We started by learning about lots of important people including Martin Luther King and Maya Angelou. We read poems written by different Black poets and used these as inspiration to write our own poems. For our next activity, we used African tribal art as an inspiration to create our own canvas artwork. We painted a sunset background before cutting out African animal shapes, sticking these on and overlapping to create texture. We had lots of fun!


Autumn 2 – Green Up Your Act Workshop

We had a workshop looking at how we can take better care of our planet and environment. We looked at lots of different products that had been made out of recycled plastic products, such as milk bottles, plastic bags and even Capri Suns! We then had a go at making our own notebooks out of recycled products, including maps and cardboard. 


Autumn 2 – Stardome Planetarium

We were very lucky to take part in a planetarium workshop today! We got to look at different constellations of stars and hear the stories behind them, including the myths and legends. We got to look at how the stars are different in the seasons of the year. We then got tested on our knowledge of Earth and Space – we discussed how the planets in our Solar System move, why the Moon shines and about different countries.


Autumn 2 – Marist Centre

We had a fantastic and reflective day at the Marist Centre, thinking about the theme of being stewards of God’s creation. We began by watching some videos which showed us both how we can take more care of our planet and what we are doing to damage it. In our groups, we then  created posters, wrote prayers and made promises about how we can look after God’s planet. For our second activity, we role played different scenario us about being better stewards. Lastly, we worked in our groups to create a whole class worship, including an opening hymn, sorry prayers, Gospel and creed.


Autumn 2 – Solids, Liquids and Gases show

Autumn 2 – Christmas Baubles


Spring 1 – Chinese Dance Workshop

We had lots of fun learning some different Chinese dances to help celebrate Chinese New Year!


Spring 2 – Chemistry with Cabbage

We had an absolutely fantastic day doing lots of experiments with cabbage! We started by making out own cabbage water, finding out that this was a neutral. We then used this to work out whether different liquids were acids or alkalis depending on the colour the cabbage water changed to. We then worked out which materials curdled milk and investigated what happened when we added bicarbonate of soda to each solution. During the afternoon, we worked out how to stop water falling out of a bottle using a ping pong ball when we tipped it upside down and used bicarbonate of soda to create gas to inflate a rubber glove!

Year 5 and Year 6 Mentoring Trips

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