In our geography learning this half term, we have been learning about our Earth’s resources. We began by thinking about what we need to survive and how these needs have changed over the past 100 and 1000 years. We then learnt about electricity and where this comes from, learning about different kinds of power stations and finding these on a map. We also learnt about where our food comes from, and learnt about different countries where the resources, including food, are not shared fairly between people.



In our super seasonal food topic, we have learnt lots about different kinds of food, where they come from and seasonality. We had fun trying lots of different fruits and vegetables that we had never had before (and some we had never heard of!). 



Our science topic this half term is looking at the properties of materials and how they change. In our first lesson, we investigated the properties of different materials to test their hardness, flexibility, magnetism, transparency and permeability. In our second lesson, we conducted an experiment using materials and ice cubs to investigate the difference between thermal insulators and conductors.

We then created circuits with different materials to see which materials are electrical insulators and conductors. We found out that metal conducts electricity whilst plastic and wood don’t.


For our next experiment, we had lots of fun learning about the difference between melting and dissolving, investigating which materials would dissolve when mixed with water.

In our fifth lesson, we learnt about different methods of separating mixtures. We used our knowledge of the properties of materials to work out which method of separation would work best for each mixture. 

In our final lesson, we learnt about chemical reactions. For our experiment, we mixed vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to create gas to help us inflate balloons!



In PE this half term we are doing balances in gymnastics. We have been working on our own, in pairs and in groups to work on creating balances using different points of our body.