Our history topic for this half term is Ancient Greece. We began by looking at timelines and looking at lots of pictures and sources from Ancient Greece. We thought about what these might be, what they are used for and what they tell us about Ancient Greece.


In our second lesson, we learnt about all the different Greek Gods and Goddesses. We learnt about their different powers, what they were the god of and why religion was so important to the Ancient Greek people.

In our third lesson, we thought more about the Greek Empire and the different city states. We learnt about the similarities and differences between Athens and Sparta, thinking about how life would have been different for different groups of people such as young boys and women. We also had a debate over which city state we would like to live in! 

We then learnt about the Ancient Greek Olympics and Democracy. We thought about the impact that the Ancient Greeks have had on our lives today. 



In DT we have been making our own phone cases. We began by looking at lots of different examples of phone cases, thinking about their aesthetics, target market, functionality and quality. We then drew our designs for our own phone cases.

Next we made paper templates and cut out our two pieces of material. We then learnt how to thread a needle (which was very tricky!) and we sewed our two pieces of fabric together using  a running stitch. We helped each other out, worked together and showed fantastic teamwork. We then used different materials to decorate our phone cases to match our designs from our previous lesson. Even though making the phone cases was very tricky, we all




We have had a fantastic week learning about Earth and Space! We began by looking at scientific evidence to decide whether the Earth is flat or spherical. We decided it was spherical and explained our ideas using lots of evidence.

In our second lesson, we learnt lots of facts about all of the planets in our Solar System. After this, we started to learn about how all of the planets move. We learnt lots of new vocabulary like heliocentric, geocentric, orbit, rotate and axis!

When learning about why we have day and night, we worked in groups to create presentations using globes to show the rest of the class what we had learnt.

We also learnt about why we have time zones and drew our own diagrams to explain how the moon moves. 



We listened to two pieces of music – Music of the Starry Night by George Crumb and The Planets (Jupiter) by Gustav Holst. We listened carefully to the two pieces of music, discussing what they made us think of and how they made us feel. We thought about what the explosive sounds were, why they faded or ended abruptly and what about the sound made us jump. We thought about what sounds and instruments were used to make the twinkling sounds of the stars and discussed how texture was created through the use of lots of different instruments. We then had a go at using instruments in small groups to create our own Solar System themed piece of music. 


Go Givers/PSHE

For our PSHE week, we learnt about philanthropy and philanthropists, the country of Mali and the Right to Education.

In our philanthropy lesson, we learnt about what a philanthropist does and some different people who are philanthropists.

In our second lesson we worked together in teams to play games like the people of Mali, who work together every year to add a new layer of mud to their Mosque.

In our final lesson we learnt about our right to education and what responsibilities we have. We learnt about Malala and her activism before working in pairs to create a poster convincing world leaders to let all children receive an education.


For our computing topic this half term, we have been creating our own webpages and websites. We started by thinking about what a website or webpage is and what their purpose is. We discussed some websites that we use and what the purpose and audience of the website is. We then looked at different webpages and evaluated them – we thought about the layout and format and what made it an effective website. We also talked about internet safety and different ways we can stay safe when using the internet and webpages

We created a new webpage and began by selecting a theme and layout. After picking the topic for our website, we had to edit the home page. We edited the title, changing the text, added background images and added further text and images.

We also recapped how to search for images on the internet and save them to our computer so we could upload them to our website. After we had edited our homepage, we began to add additional pages. Again, we edited the format of both text and images. Some of us even added slideshows, galleries, maps and buttons that acted as links to other websites!