Year 5’s Autumn 1 Topic Work

In geography this half term we have been learning about Mountains. We have used atlases to locate mountain ranges in both the UK and Europe. We have learnt about the difference between a mountain range and an isolated summit and have labelled the different features of a mountain. We learnt about the different ways mountains can be formed and have thought about how tourists might damage mountainous areas.


We have been learning about lots of different North American Artists. We have drawn the other half of paintings, have created our own photography landscape collages and designed our own patters. We learnt about the artist Helen Frankenthaler, an abstract painter, and had a go at creating our own abstract artwork using our bodies!




In science, we have been learning about forces. We began by discussing the different forces that might act upon an object and thought about what makes boats float.

In our second lesson, we learnt more about gravity. We conducted an experiment using Newton Metres, investigating the difference between weight and mass. 

We tested water resistance as a class, looking at streamlined shapes, deciding which shapes would move easily through water and why. We used plasticine to create our own streamlined shapes.


We created our own parachutes to test and investigate which materials would make the best parachutes and air resistance. It was lots of fun!



We also investigated friction using our shoes, measuring the amount of force that was needed to move them across different surfaces. We made predictions and tested to see if these were correct.


In music this half term we have listened to three different versions of the same song – Jerusalem, New Jerusalem and Jerusalem Fusion. We listened carefully to each song before writing our ideas down in groups, thinking about what instruments we could hear, the pitch, duration, tempo, texture and dynamics of the music and how each piece of music compared to the previous one. 


We also looked at how Jerusalem is conducted in a metre of 3 beats. We had a go at following and counting the metre. We then split into small groups and used instruments to create our own repeating metre of 3 beats, with one member of each group conducting the rest using their instruments.


We began our PSHE work this half term by learning about identity, cultures and prejudice. We thought about groups we belong to, the culture of these groups and what made them important to us. We then partnered up with someone we didn’t always talk to; we thought about the similarities and differences between us.

In our second lesson, we thought more about culture and diversity. We used the First Newspapers to find different examples of our diverse world, creating posters with the different articles to display in our classroom.