Spring 2: Earth and Space with a focus on women in space

Our text:

Wednesday 31st March –

Please find the link to The Big Question with Year 5 here: https://youtu.be/sYyBpcj_zBY

Science week – 8th March 

We have been investigating the planets in our solar system and identifying the eight planets. We have had a go at ordering them by their distances from the sun. We have spoken about how we can never fully represent the enormous distances between the planets to scale, but we did do some space artwork nonetheless!

Is the earth flat or spherical? 

We have been asking the big question! ^ The children worked in groups to filter through different reasonings and observations from over time and sort them into the Flat Earth Theory or the Spherical Earth Theory. They then rehearsed for a live science conference, debating the big question and their responses! We also made some beautiful space artwork with our own female astronauts attached – inspired by the influential likes of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, Christine Darden and Mary Jackson.


Spring 1: Forces 

We have been exploring forces during our home learning science unit. Both the children in school and at home have had a really good go at the investigations and experiments. We have explored gravity and air resistance, water resistance and streamlining. Take a look at some of their work below: