Year 5 Home Learning – Topic

Please find below activities that children could complete for different subject areas.

Please also check our topic homework webpage here for activities children could complete in regards to our topics this half term.

New Topic Activities for Summer 1

Our topics this half term were going to be living things and their habitats in science, marvellous maps in geography and plants and flowers in art. I have listed some activities for each topic that you could do at home as part of your home learning.

Please feel free to continue completing the other topic activities further down on this page. If you want to send me any pictures of the activities you are completing at home, feel free to email them to me.

Science – living things and their habitats

  • Find out about the different parts of a flower. Draw your own flower and label the different parts.
  • Find out about the different ways new plants and flowers are created.
  • Find out what a mammal is. Create a poster all about different mammals, or pick one mammal and research them, creating a fact file or booklet to explain everything you have learnt!
  • Find out about the life cycle of a rabbit, kangaroo or platypus.
  • Research and find out about the scientist Jane Goodall. Find out about which animals she helped and find out about her charity.
  • Find out all about metamorphism. What is it? Which animals go through metamorphism? Can you draw the life cycle of one of these animals?
  • Check out this website for some different video clips you could watch to help you learn more about plants and flowers.

Geography – Marvellous Maps

  • Look at google maps. Can you find your house? Our school? Your local shop?
  • Look at google maps. Can you spot some of the symbols that are used? Which symbol is used for a hospital? School? Supermarket? Museum? Can you make a poster of the different symbols you can see.
  • Find out about a compass. Can you write directions about how to get from your bedroom to your living room using the points of a compass?

Art – Plants and flowers

  • Use your garden or google images to sketch some different plants and flowers using a pencil.
  • Use some other materials (crayons, felt tips, paint or whatever you have!) to draw some coloured flowers and plants.
  • Use some different materials (materials from your garden, paper, card, feathers, paint, salt dough or whatever you have) to create a flower collage, picture or sculpture)


Spring 2 Topic Activities


  • Create your own family timeline. Can you plot key events such as when you were born, when your parents were born, your first Holy Communion?
  • Create your own historical timeline with 10 major events from the past 100 years
  • Draw your own Stone Age settlement
  • Create your own Stone Age house using recycled materials
  • Make your own Stonehenge using stones from your garden. Take a picture and send it to the Year 5 email address!


  • Find out about the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World
  • Find out the capital cities of 10 different countries
  • Pick one of continents of the world. Find out all about it, including the countries in it, the animals that live there and any important facts.
  • Write the letters of the alphabet. Can you think of a country or place in the world for each letter?
  • Draw your own map of your local area. Can you draw our school, your house and the nearest supermarket?

Art/Design Technology

  • Design your own video game! Which characters will you have? Where will it be set? How do you win or lose? What device will you play your game on?
  • Look at some aboriginal art on Google Images. Can you create your own?
  • Salt dough can easily be created with 1 cup of flour, half a cup of salt and half a cup of water. Create your own sculptures using this and leave it on a radiator to dry out!
  • Design your own restaurant and menu. Can you create a healthy menu and an unhealthy menu of meals? Get your family to come to your restaurant – can you work out how much their bill would be?
  • Create a portrait of each member of your family. Have a competition – whose portrait is the best? Could you use different materials such as pencils, pens or recycled materials to create your portrait?


  • Write down all of the materials that you can find in your home. Why are some materials used for certain things? Do you have more of one material than others?
  • Make a list of all the thermal conductors (objects that let heat pass through) and thermal insulators (objects that don’t let heat pass through). Can you do the same for electrical insulators and conductors.
  • Research an animal of your choice. Pretend you are David Attenborough and create your own wildlife documentary giving your family lots of interesting facts.
  • Research a famous scientist. Create a poster about them.
  • Create your own planet using recycled materials. Is your planet in our Solar System? What is the planet like? Does it support life? Create a fact file to explain all about your invented planet.


  • Before Christmas, we used Weebly to create our own websites. Each child has their own login to this website which they can use to create their own webpages on a topic of their choice. Please see this page for more information on how to log on to Weebly. If your child has forgotten their Weebly login, please email and I will try to respond as soon as possible.
  • Try some Kahoot quizzes or make your own! Please check this page for more information on Kahoot.
  • Scratch is a great website for children to use for coding. Children have all used ‘Scratch’ in school before. Please see this page for more information on how to access Scratch. Scratch Jr can also be downloaded as an app.
  • You have been given £200 to plan a party for our class! You need food, decorations and entertainment. Use the internet to find out how much different things cost. Can you plan a party without going over your £200 budget?


  • Make a religious Easter card for a member of your family
  • Write down one way each day that you have followed in the footsteps of Jesus
  • Turn your favourite story from the Bible into a story board or comic strip.
  • Write the alphabet. Can you think of something from the Bible for each letter?


  • Try PE Bingo! (please find the PDF below)
  • Joe Wicks is doing free live PE lessons at 9am every day on his YouTube channel 
  • You can find lots of videos on YouTube for children that can get them moving, such as Just Dance, Yoga for Children and Kid’s workouts! 

Year 5 At Home Bingo – How many activities can you complete?

Write a book review for a book you have read Write out the alphabet and play eye-spy!

Write one thing you can see for each letter. Look out the window too!

a.              Apple

b.             Bench

c.              cat

Make a paperchain. On each one, write one way we can follow Jesus’ footsteps. Write a list of all the things in your house that use electricity. Do they use mains or battery power?
Draw a picture of your dream house! What would it have? A giant slide or a pool? Make a poster persuading people to come to our school. Write out the alphabet. Can you think of an adjective for each word? Create a character description for your favourite character on TV or in a film.
Make your own musical instrument using recycled materials. Write an adventure story about you and your family. Create an Easter card for everyone in your family. Spend some time learning your times tables off by heart!


Download (PDF, 352KB)