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Welcome to the Home Learning Maths page! This page will be updated daily with a maths activity. Answers to activities will be posted the following day. Please also check the online learning page for links to websites that can be used to aid maths learning. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to find out how to log on to Ten Ticks at home. 

Friday 3rd April 

Happy Friday guys! Today’s activity is some bus stop division word problems. For each question you will need to use the same method you used yesterday. Watch my video again if you need a reminder of how to use this method. You need to read the question carefully to work out what your final answer will be. For example, for question 1, you need to do 725 divided by 3, which is 241 remainder 2. The question asks how many trays you will need for all the books, making the answer 242, as you still need a tray for the 2 books that are remaining!

I’ve also put the answers for yesterday’s and today’s activities down below, so mark your answers and see how many you got correct – send me an email and let me know how you are getting on!

I’ve also done an update on the Year 5 Home Learning homepage, so please have a read if you have time! I won’t be posting any activities until after the Easter Holidays (the next maths activity will be posted on the 14th of April) so stay safe and make sure you are still working on your maths skills wherever possible – use the online learning page for links to lots of websites you can use to help you with your maths! If you have any questions or want to say hello over Easter, email me at – I’d love to hear from you!


  1. A teacher asks some children to organise a box of 725 books by putting them in trays. You can get 3 books in each tray. How many trays are needed?
  2. Four hundred and eighty pieces of apple are shared equally among 9 children. How many pieces of apple do each receive?
  3. In an office, there are 8 desks. A pack of 3589 sets of sticky notes need sharing equally among the desks. How many sets of sticky notes are on each desk?
  4. A group of 567 dancers are organised into groups of nine. How many full groups of nine can be created?
  5. A factory makes 738 cars in one day. Each car transporter can carry 8 cars. How many transporters are needed to carry all the cars away?
  6. Bananas are sold in packs of five. How many complete packs of five bananas can be made from 136 bananas?
  7. A school party of 8216 children are to travel on a steam train. 9 children can fit into each compartment. How many compartments will be needed?
  8. A plate holds 6 pieces of cake. How many full plates can be created from 714 pieces?
  9. Rosie’s reading book had 4328 pages. She read 9 pages every night.  How many days will it take her to finish the book?
  10. Tamara needed 4361 plastic cups for her party. They came in packs of 6.  How many packs did she need? 


  1. There are 293 children in Y4 & Y5. If 8 children are allowed in each Golden Time group, how many groups will be needed?
  2. Katie had 2306 leaflets to deliver. She bundled them in 7s.  How many bundles of 7 did she have? How many were left over?


Thursday’s Answers

Download (PDF, 22KB)

Friday’s Answers

  1. 242
  2. 53
  3. 448
  4. 63
  5. 93
  6. 27
  7. 913
  8. 119
  9. 481
  10. 727
    11. 37
    12. 329 bundles with 3 left over


Thursday 2nd April

Hello Year 5! Moving on from your work on multiplication this week, you are now going to have a go at some division. I know that we often forget how to do division when it comes to arithmetic tests and some of us forget that the bus stop method even exists! I’ve done a video reminding you of the method and if you need any extra help, just send me an email. The work is down below, along with the answers to Wednesday’s work. Try as many as you can!

Download (PDF, 22KB)

Wednesday’s Answers

  1. 752,906
  2. 310,240
  3. 383,040
  4. 769,002
  5. 443,092
  6. 275,184
  7. 466,545
  8. £3250.80
  9. 30,000
  10. 1,232
  11. 960
  12. 1,280

Wednesday 1st April

Hello Year 5 – no maths today! Only joking, April Fools!!!! Today I have some tricky word problems using your multiplication skills that you have practised on Monday and Tuesday. The first 8 questions are all 1 step problems. The last 4 questions (the challenge) are all multi-step problems, which means there will be 2 or more different steps or calculations that you need to do (they will all use multiplication at some point though). Please have a go at the challenge if you can – it will keep your brain active for when we are back in school!

If you need help, re-watch the videos from Monday and Tuesday or send me an email – Answers for Tuesday are also down below!

1.There are 77 biscuits in a packet. A supermarket orders 9778 packets. How many biscuits will they have altogether?

2.A school buys 5540 boxes of pencils. Each box has 56 pencils. How many pencils will they have altogether?

3.A shop sells pineapples for 96p each. They sell 3990 pineapples in a week. How much money will they make altogether?

4.It takes 78 hours for a satellite to go around the Earth. How many hours will it take for the satellite to go around the Earth 9859 times?

5.A machine makes 8521 dice in a week. In a 52 week year, how many dice are made?

6.A cinema chain has 28 cinemas. On average, 9828 people visit each cinema a week. How many visitors do all 28 cinemas have a week?

7.Sacs of potatoes have 95 potatoes. A farmer sells 4911 sacks. How many potatoes is that altogether?

8.There are 43 children in Year 6. Each child pas £75.60 for a school trip. How much do they pay altogether?


9. A school orders 12 boxes of paper. Each box contains 5 packs, with each pack containing 500 sheets of paper. How many sheets of paper are ordered altogether?

10.Apples are cut into 8 pieces to be shared among some children. Twenty-two bags of seven apples are used. How many pieces of apples are there altogether?

11.A squad of 20 footballers are given three new pairs of boots. Each pair has 16 studs. How many studs are there altogether.

12.In a dance competition, there are 32 teams. Each team has 8 dancers. Each dancer has 5 pairs of shoes. How many pairs of shoes will there be at the competition?

Tuesday’s Answers

Download (PDF, 21KB)

Tuesday 31st March

Morning everyone. Building on yesterday’s 4 digit x 1 digit multiplication questions, today I have given you some 4 x 2 digit questions. These are quite tricky and I know a lot of you find them difficult when we do arithmetic tests, so use these questions to practise the method and try as many questions as you can. If the PDF doesn’t load, refresh the page. 

If you can’t remember how to do this method, I have done another video below where I explain the working out to a question. If you need any more help with these questions, just send me an email, I’m still here to help if you need anything!

Also, don’t forget my two important rules – circle your carried numbers and add the zero! It might also be a good idea to write your times tables down first so you don’t make any mistakes with these.

Download (PDF, 21KB)


Monday’s Answers

Download (PDF, 21KB)


Monday 30th March

Hello Year 5, hope you’re ready for another week of online maths learning – I know I am definitely missing our maths lessons together at school! After a week on our column addition and subtraction methods last week, this week we are going to be recapping our column multiplication method and bus stop division method.

Today I have given you some 4 digit x 1 digit multiplication questions. If the questions don’t show up, try refreshing the page. I have also put some challenges below if you are feeling up to it! Answers will be up tomorrow. 

If you need reminders on how to do this method of multiplication, I have created a short video of me completing a question, so make sure to watch if you aren’t sure!  Remember, if you need any more help or want to show me any pictures of maths you have been up to, just email the class email,

Download (PDF, 37KB)


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