Hello Year 4,

I hope you are doing well at home? I have really been missing you this week. I miss laughing with you all, I really miss reading at home time and doing silly voices for the characters, I miss seeing all your faces when you arrive in the morning and I even miss Mr Crolla a little bit! It has been 3 months since I have seen you now and even though I have had some lovely messages/emails/videos from you, it’s still not quite the same. I really hope we will get to see each other before you move on to Year 5- let’s keep our fingers crossed!


This week, Summer and I managed to tick off

Making a wild flower crown

Damming a stream (kind of!)

Having a picnic in the wild

Blowing a grass trumpet

Playing Pooh sticks (not as strange as it sounds! It just involves dropping sticks off a bridge and seeing whose stick comes out the other side first!)

And we also tried to collect leaves from different trees! 

We saw some little conkers too which means, soon, some of the trees around school will have conkers falling outside our classroom and in the car park! Do you remember when we went on our bug hunt and I was more excited than you all? That was so much fun!  



Thank you so much for all your emails and pictures of your work. I am amazed by how hard you are working still!

Please feel free to send me an email just to say hello and tell me all about what you’ve been reading/doing whilst you have been at home. Here is the email: 




Parents and carers, if there is anything you need, please email me to let me know.



Speak to you soon.

Miss Berry and Mr Crolla 🙂





Here are some pictures of our time together! The picture in the middle really makes me laugh! It’s when I asked you all to have a quiet moment while we were waiting for the other schools to arrive at The Whitworth! Not many people can say they had a little nap, on the floor, in the middle of an art gallery whilst dressed as a ninja!