Our art lessons this half term has focused on the topic of fruit and vegetbales. We have explored and been inspired by the art work of various artists including Carl Warner, Michael Brennand Wood and Caravaggio. We discussed what we liked about each piece of art and which pieces we would like to have hanging in our houses! This was our favourite piece of art. It is called Mushroom Savannah and it is by Carl Warner.

During our lessons, we have developed the skills of manipulating and shaping clay in addition to using tools to make marks/detail to our sculptures. We made peppers and worked on adding the stalk and seeds. Here are some examples of our work below.

We have also painted fruit and vegetables. We focused on building stamina and including lots of detail in our paintings. We used different sized brushes to enable us to add seeds and different layers of colours.

Finally, we sewed fruits onto fabric squares. We chose relevant colours and did a light outline of the fruits on the fabric. We then stitched along the lines and added details such as segments in our oranges.