Hello Year 4! 


Here are the answers to the maths activities last week.


Here are some times tables games for you to play this week! 




Try to complete a few of the pick’n’mix activities every day of the week. Please keep sending me photos of your work and all your lovely messages 🙂  


These are all things that we have already done in class but if there is anything you need help with, please email me and I will make a video for you.

Pick’n’Mix Maths


Here are you 5 a day activities for this week:


Monday 4th May

Tuesday 5th May

Wednesday 6th May

Thursday 7th May

Friday 8th May


Here is an arithmetic test for you to complete.

Maths Week Beginning 4th May


Here are some challenge cards to work on over this week. I would recommend 2 pick’n’mix activities, one 5 a day activity and 2 challenge cards daily.


Place Value Challenges

Answers Maths


This week, try to complete a few of the pick’n’mix activities, one of the 5 a day sheets and also one sheet of money problems every day of the week. Please keep sending me photos of your work and all your lovely messages 🙂  




Week 3

Here are some 5 a day activities for you to try this week. I have posted the answers at the bottom ofthe page so you can check them once you’ve answered them- no cheating! 


Monday 20th April


Tuesday 21st April


Wednesday 22nd April


Thursday 23rd April


Friday 24th April

















Monday answers

Tuesday answers

Wednesday answers

Thursday answers

Friday answers






Verb – an action word (doing word).

Noun – a person, place or thing.

Adjective – a word used to describe a noun.


For your first task this week, I would like you to find 10 verbs, nouns and adjectives in a book you have at home. Once you have found them, write 8 sentences containing these words. You can use as many as you want in each sentence.

Here is an example:



The beautiful,pink flowers grew in the tall grass that surrounded the castle.

As the children played, the vicious dog barked at the bird as it flew into the tree. 


Lesson 2

TheTwits Lesson 1

Read the extract from Roald Dahl’s The Twits above. It is character descriptions of Mr and Mrs Twit. Using evidence from the text (just like we do at school) can you draw the 2 main characters?

If it says they wear blue glasses- make sure you draw glasses. If it says Mr Twit was taller than his wife- make sure he is in your drawing.

Read the extract carefully! The descriptions might not mention every feature (for example they might not describe their clothes) so you have the freedom to use your imagination.

Label your drawings with adjectives to describe the characters.

Send me an email with your drawings and I will post some to the website for the rest of the class to see.

Lesson 3

TheTwits Lesson 2


Read the extract above and answer the questions below. 


1. Why did Mr Twit decide to play  this trick on Mrs Twit?

2. What did he decide to do?

3. Where did he get the frog from?

4. What adverb is used to describe how he brought it back to the house?

5. What 2 adjectives does Roald Dahl use to describe Mrs Twit?

6. What does the word ‘fetched’ mean? What could it be replaced with?

7. Why does Mrs Twit faint?

8. Is the frog scared of Mrs Twit’s screaming?How do you know?

9. Find and copy 2 things Mr Twit says the creature will do to Mrs Twit.

10. What do you think will happen tomorrow? 


Lesson 4


Mr and Mrs Twit are very cruel people. They keep a cage full of monkeys.

Read the extract below. 


The Twits Lesson 3


You are going to be writing a letter to persuade the zoo keeper of the local zoo to go and save the monkeys! We have written persuasive letters before (remember our letters to the government about banning plastic bottles and bags?)

Include the following:

Why should the monkeys be released?

How will their lives be better if they’re out of their cage?

What do The Twits do that is really cruel?

What will happen to the poor monkeys if they stay in the cage?

Here is a plan below to help you write your letter. 


The Twits Lesson 3

Week 3



It is very important that we keep working on our methods whilst we are at home. These are things we work on every week at school so we need to keep working on them at home too. 

Addition WB April 14th

Subtraction WB April 14th

Multiplication Week beginning April 14th

Division WB April 14th


If we were at school this week, we would have been looking at money problems. We haven’t looked at money yet, so I don’t want to confuse you too much. Here are 2 different money challenges. I will post the answers on Friday. 





Here is a challenge to keep you busy!

I will give you a clue- there are 12 different answers! 


I have had 2 emails asking for help with the division method so here is my daughter explaining it to you. I hope this helps 🙂



Twinkl is a fantastic website which covers the whole national curriculum. They are currently offering a free month to help parents through this difficult time. 

To sign up, go to www.twinkl.co.uk/offer and enter the code UKTWINKLHELP 


There are many websites (the children know plenty!) offering maths/literacy games and activities. 


Here are a few we use in school:












Here are some optional activities which will be great ways of staying busy whilst school is closed!

You are unique

superhero activity

Year 4 bingo

Week 2


Expanded noun phrases week 2

Inverted commas Week 2

Week 2 your and you’re

Reading Comprehension-

Just like in our guided reading sessions, there is a pre-read text and questions below. You all know which groups you are in so you only need to answer the questions for your group.

The Owl and the Pussy Week 2 reading

Reading Comprehension Week 2


I am going to prepare some chilli challenges for you and videos to go along with them. Please complete one of the arithmetic papers for Monday’s maths.

Arithmetic Week 2

Super Tricky Arithmetic Week 2

Here is an adding decimal numbers chilli challenge! You all know how to do these as we do them all the time. You should all be able to do the yellow no problems but then they get harder and harder! I will post the answers on Friday! Click on the picture below and it gets bigger.



2 Step word problems!

We have been working on these type of word problems since before Christmas so we know what to do! 

Remember you can draw the question out to help you. 

Word problems Week 2


Answers to Week 1 work

Here are the answers to week 1’s work. Any problems, send me an email 🙂

Answers to reading comprehension

Tricky division answers week 1

division week 1

Arithmetic week 1 answers

Addition week 1 answers



Multiplication Week 1


Division week 1


Tricky division Week 1


Y4 multiplication and division additional work


Addition Week 1



Easter reading comprehension



Week 1 SPaG mat


Literacy week 1


Pobble week 1


sick sentences week 1


Setting description week 1



Art week 1