In Science we have been looking at Forces and Magnets. We have investigated the strength of different magnets and looked at the poles of a magnet and how they can repel or attract each other  We have also found out how friction can slow something down. We even made our own compasses and saw how they always pointed north. 





In our Music lessons we have listened to some poems and then created our own music to accompany them. We loved ‘The sound collector’



Our PSHE was all about ‘Sticks and stones’ we found out that words can really hurt somebody. We also thought about being an active bystander and helping somebody who was upset. 

Our other theme was about sharing. We found out we can share in lots of different ways and that we all have special talents we can share with others. We acted out some scenarios.



We have looked at the UK in our geography topic. We have found out about the countries in the UK. We have used atlases to find the capital cities and the seas that surround the UK. We also found out how the UK grew and discussed immigration. 


We have created our own posters all about our school during our computing lessons.We added text boxes and pictures as well as creating our own shapes and patterns. We had fun changing the font it’s size and even the colour.

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Download (DOCX, 139KB)


In Art we have looked at Autumn colours and painted and printed Autumn leaves. 


Our PE lessons have been Gymnastics and we have been looking at ways to balance. We have thought about patch and point balances. Here are some balances can you guess which are patch and which are point?