Dear Parents and Carers,


Here are some Literacy focused activities for the upcoming week. Please try to complete each daily and then use Oxford Reading Owl to provide different and interesting reading activities too. Any reading and writing activities that can be done at home will greatly benefit the class. If you need any help or guidance please email me at

Many thanks

Mr Hoskin

Friday 10th July 2020

Good morning,

For today’s starter. You are walking with your friends in the park, one of you notices something strange in a tree. It looks like a small door… Will you open it? Where will it lead to? Who lives inside? Can you tell me the rest of this story! Use lots of imagination and descriptions in your exciting tale!

Try your comprehension skills on these passage of text, there are three different difficulties to try. Let me know how you get on!

Download (PDF, 623KB)

Download (PDF, 3.1MB)

Download (PDF, 187KB)

Thursday 9th July 2020

Good morning!

Here’s your writing starter for the day:

This is your home planet and you have been asked to explain what the sunsets look like to a friend on Earth. Remember they will not have seen the trees on your world, or the sky or know anything about your planet so you will have to be super descriptive.

Try your alliteration skills out using this sheet, think about the different types of building and some exciting alliteration!

Download (PDF, 379KB)

Download (PDF, 207KB)

Wednesday 8th July 2020

Hi Year 2,

I hope you are all doing okay! 

You are the character in the picture, you have been walking for days. Why are you walking? Where are you going? What are you hoping to find when you get there?

Try to find and correct the mistakes in these sentences:

Download (PDF, 101KB)

Download (PDF, 233KB)


Tuesday 7th July 2020

Good morning Year 2,

Could you describe this scene in 5 interesting sentences? Use adjectives and try to think of all your senses when you are write.

Download (PDF, 317KB)

Download (PDF, 278KB)

Monday 6th July 2020

Good morning Year 2!

To get you started today you’re going to be writing a short story about this image. Think about being the boy or the girl in the picture. Once the piano starts to play the music transports the children to a stage with an audience.

Where do you think the story will go next? You’ll have to use lots of interesting descriptions and think about how both characters feel.

Download (PDF, 330KB)

Download (PDF, 162KB)

Download (PDF, 187KB)