Dear Parents and Carers,


Here are some Literacy focused activities for the upcoming week. Please try to complete each daily and then use Oxford Reading Owl to provide different and interesting reading activities too. Any reading and writing activities that can be done at home will greatly benefit the class. If you need any help or guidance please email me at

Many thanks

Mr Hoskin

Friday 17th July 2020

Hi Year 2,

As this is your last online session of the year. So far you have planned a setting, characters and a storyline. So now I’d like you draw all those ideas together and write your story.

If you can, it would be lovely to see your stories! Email them to as I’d love to read them.


Download (PDF, 193KB)


Thursday 16th July 2020

Good morning Year 2,

For today’s starter, I would like you to imagine you are giving someone you love a gift. What would you put in the box and why? See if you can use -ly words like carefully and gently to describe how you would put things in the box. You could use commas to separate the objects in a list. You should try to use interesting adjectives to help you describe the objects too!



When planning your own story you need to think of exciting ways to start a sentence. Here is a matt full of interesting words and phrases you can use to start a sentence. Try to pick 6 different sentence starters and complete the sentences.

Download (PDF, 193KB)

Wednesday 15th July 2020

Hi Year 2,

You discover a message in a bottle while walking along the beach. What will you do with it? Would you read the note? What does it say?

Here are a selection of interesting images. Have a look through, select three and try your best to describe them using some of the words you could find in this word mat! Be creative! Remember to describe the scene using as many of your senses as you can! Email me any descriptions you would like to share!

Download (PDF, 6.21MB)

Here’s a longer story for you to sit back and listen to:

Download (PDF, 207KB)


Tuesday 14th July 2020

Good morning Year 2,

How are you today? I found this picture and it made me think you could write an interesting story, here are your options:

a) You have been sent to an old castle to find a special treasure. When you get there you discover the castle is empty and overgrown, what happens next? Do you find the treasure?

b) You are walking to school and notice the trees are starting to turn into pillars like you might see in a castle. Slowly the world around you begins to transform into a castle, what happens next?

Download (PDF, 49KB)

Use the word mat above to create a hero and a villain. Try to use the word mat to create vivid description of both. Send them to me if you would like,

Monday 13th July 2020

Good morning!

How are you today? For today’s short writing starter. You wake up and decide to go for a walk, the weather is cold. There is frost on the ground and puddles are frozen. You decide to jump on the frozen puddle. As you jump, the ice starts to crack, instead of water coming out of the cracks in the ice… Bright colour starts to ooze out. What happens next?


Download (PDF, 329KB)

Download (PDF, 183KB)

Download (PDF, 233KB)