Dear Year 2,

This week’s Maths is as follows:

Follow the online videos and tasks on White Rose Maths which has fantastic videos explaining each concept as well as a pitched resource. Try to follow one of these videos each day.

Mr Hoskin

Friday 17th July 2020 – 17.7.2020

Hi Year 2!

How are you all doing today? Your starter today is some quick addition so add together two one digit numbers!


Keep problem solving Year 2, try these:

Download (PDF, 1.45MB)

Thursday 16th July 2020 – 16.7.2020

Good morning,

Your starter is to subject a one digit number from a one digit number:

Download (PAGES, 1.35MB)


Wednesday 15th July 2020 – 15.7.2020

Good morning everyone!

Here’s your quick warm up. You’re adding a two digit number and a one digit number! Good luck!

Try to solve these duration challenges:

Tuesday 14th July – 14.7.2020

Good morning Year 2,

Let’s get warmed up with some simple subtractions. Try these two digit numbers subtracting a one digit number:

Download (PDF, 342KB)

Monday 13th July – 13.7.2020

Good morning Year 2,

Start today’s maths by deciding if these numbers are odd or even! 

Here’s the next session focusing on time:

Download (PDF, 166KB)

Download (PDF, 152KB)