W/C – 06.07.20 – from now on, all maths and literacy work for Year 1 will be set through the website Please be sure to use this fantastic resource as I will be regularly updating it with new classwork for the children. To get your child’s login details please email me at


This week we are recovering measurement including time (o’clock and half past).

Also, This week on I have set the children subtraction to 20 challenges. If you still require your child’s login details for this resource, please email me 🙂

Finally, I am aware that many of you have found the white rose maths lesson resources to be useful while at home. However, this week they have not included any worksheets to go alongside their short video lessons. I suggest using the link below to use the vast amount of wonderful worksheets and resources provided by Twinkl. This link leads to resources in line with this weeks learning (addition and subtraction). You may need to create an account but this is free and you will be able to download most worksheets.




Dear Parents/carers,

The school have purchased logins for the fantastic maths website: this is a great resources for practising fluency and developing confidence in Maths. Class teachers set individualised Maths homework for each pupil to keep the level appropriate and challenging.

Each child will be given an individual log in to access the website. Follow this process to log in:

  1. Select ‘School User’








  1. For the school name type st. a and St. Anne’s should be the only option. Ensure there is a space between the . and the a. Once this has been done it is simply a case of typing in your child’s username and password which has been sent home with them.