A big well done to all the children who completed the division quizes from last week. I can access everyone’s results and everyone did an outstanding job. Keep up the hard work Year 1. I can also see the children who have been absolute superstars on 10ticks 🙂

W/C -30.03.20

This week can the children use 10ticks to continue their learning of timetables. If they select the practice section, they can select 2s,5s and 10’s as I am aware that when playing the games and other features some of these multiplication problems may be slightly advanced for some children 🙂

Hello Year 1, to continue our learning on measuring we will continue to look at the White rose maths lessons. The next three lessons (lessons 3 – 5) are available on the link below. Please look at the video tutorial for each one and complete the worksheet provided. Lessons 4 and 5 introduce capacity and volume. It may be worth giving your child some hands on experience using these. If you have measuring jugs at home you and your child could take turns measuring out different volumes of liquid. You could even bake/make a recipe that require both different volumes (ml) and different weights (g/kg) of items. Feel free to send any pictures of this to my email 

Click here for lessons 3, 4 and 5 on measurement!

Thursday – To test our new knowledge of using weights and measurements, Please complete the quiz below, Good Luck 🙂

Click here

Friday – Can you cut out the different animals/objects and place them on the balance scales? Remember heavier objects fall to the ground, lighter objects go up in the air. Chn can print this resource and cut and stick the animals in the right place, if you do not have scissors you can draw the animals yourselves.

Download (PDF, 716KB)

W/C – 23.03.20

This week the children will be using their division skills, dividing different numbers by 2, 5 and 10. Click the video link below to see a demonstration on different methods for solving division problems including arrays and counting on fingers. Remember, to help children use different multiplication and division facts they can refer to the number lines video (2s, 5s and 10s) posted previously.


Monday – Today the children will be carrying out some divisions by 2. Remember division is really just a fancy way of saying sharing. Can you complete the tricky quiz below and share/divide a selection of number by 2?

Click the link below to access the quiz!


Division by 2 quiz


Tuesday – Today we are going to try and use our division skills to share between different amounts. Yesterday we only shared between groups of 2. Today we are going to try to share between 2 and 5. Click the link below to access the mixed division quiz remember you can use methods such as counting on fingers or arrays to help you solve the questions.


Wednesday – Today the children have been given an activity sheet to complete. Can you share the food between the owls evenly. There are 3 different sheets ranging from small numbers to big ones. This resource can be printed, if you are unable to print, can the children complete the division number sentences on a piece of paper. Feel free to send a picture of your completed work to

Download (PDF, 118KB)


Remember you can also continue to practice your multiplication facts using 10ticks 🙂

Click the video link below for 2,5 and 10 times table tutorials and number lines. This video can then be used to help children with their 10ticks multiplication practice.


Thursday – Today the children are going to recover the concepts of weight and mass. We covered this in the weeks before school closed. Whiterose maths is a resource we use at school and they have very helpfully put online lessons available for children who are learning from home. click the link below to access this fantastic resource. Children can watch the video and complete lesson 1 for today’s work and complete lesson 2 for tomorrow (Friday)

 **For children who missed the last week at school due to self-isolation, you will not have your login details for 10ticks. Please contact me through the year 1 email address to obtain this.** 

Dear Parents/carers,

The school have purchased logins for the fantastic maths website: this is a great resources for practising fluency and developing confidence in Maths. Class teachers set individualised Maths homework for each pupil to keep the level appropriate and challenging.

Each child will be given an individual log in to access the website. Follow this process to log in:

  1. Select ‘School User’








  1. For the school name type st. a and St. Anne’s should be the only option. Ensure there is a space between the . and the a. Once this has been done it is simply a case of typing in your child’s username and password which has been sent home with them.