Week 1 – Autumn 2

On Tuesday we had a visitor come from ‘Green Up Your Act’ who explained to us about renewable energy sources. We then had a workshop where the children made notebooks from recycled materials including old maps, cardboard and recycled paper.

This week in Year 1 we have been learning about how we can care for our environment. Our Go-Givers friends have been telling us all about the effects of littering and what we can do to combat this and save our planet. We learnt about recycling and how materials can be used over and over again.


Week 2

This week we had a visitor from Zoo lab come into school. The children got to meet a variety of different animals including, snakes,frogs, rats and more. We learnt about seasonal changes in the animals behaviour and talked about which animals hibernate. 







This week we have been developing our computing skills, including dragging and dropping, word processing skills and typing.