Click the link below to view a variety of videos posted by the ‘Letters and Sounds’ team. ‘Letters and Sounds’ is the programme we use to guide our teaching of phonics at school and these videos are a great resource for children who may need to buff up on their phonics knowledge while at home.

Also, the phonics training provider EY2P has provided us with this booklet, detailing the trasition into year 1 in terms of phonics development. This resource is for children entering Year 1 so may not be applicable to your child but I thought I should share it just in case you wanted to revise any past phonics learning with your child.

Download (PDF, 425KB)

To ensure the children continue their phonics development I reccomend they use the programme ‘Teach your monster to read’. There are three Teach Your Monster to Read games to play, covering 2 years of the reading journey. Please read through their educational content to decide which game is right for your child

The programme Covers letters and sounds to reading full sentences.

The computer version is 100% free.

Click the link below to start your phonics learning 🙂