Hello everybody,

I just wanted to write a little note to you and your family to let you know what’s happening over the next few weeks.

First of all because you are all so amazing, Miss Muldoon, Mrs Cook and I want you to do lots of fun learning at home when school is closed.  We do lots of exciting things in Nursery and we want you to keep having fun at home too!

So make sure you keep checking the Nursery pages on our school website for challenges and links to fun stuff!  Have a great time sharing your learning with your family.

We are really going to miss you.  You make us laugh and smile.  We feel very proud of you every day.  We have loved  teaching you all this year. Make sure you are good for your grown ups.  They love you very much.

Have you seen the rainbows that children have made and put up in their windows?  Maybe you’ve got a rainbow up in your window.  It always make me smile when I see one.  We would love to see your rainbow pictures.  Send a photo to our email nursery@ st-annes-pri.manchester.sch.uk

Finally make sure you keep yourself safe and don’t forget, hopefully it will soon be time to gather again in the morning.

Take care.


Miss Sellers, Miss Muldoon and Mrs Cook