Dear Parent/Carers,

Thank you for visiting this page. I will use it to share general resources which children can access if learning from home.  There are a number of useful websites for  young children.

Always review the sites ahead of time so that you are able to help your child find the best resources available within the site.

An excellent site for nursery children. You can access a free 7-day trial but you need to subscribe after this period to access the content.  Various subscription packages available.

A great site with free games. Phases 1 and 2 are applicable to nursery children.

Many games often recognised by children from their favourite programmes.

The ever popular Spot the Dog stories. Try creating your own Spot story!

Many games and songs including those relating to festivals.

Games of varying quality to support different areas of learning.

Various educational games, videos and craft ideas.

Twinkl is an excellent website.  They are currently offering  a free month to parents during this difficult time.  To sign up go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELP

Keep active with Joe Wicks.


You could even try to complete some of the edited activity passport with your child

1     Have a karaoke session

2     Paint a self portrait

3     Plant some bulbs and watch them grow

4     Make a band from kitchen pots and pans

5     Have an indoor treasure hunt

6     Make a sandwich

7     Taste a new fruit

8     Make a scrap book of your favourite things

9     Play a board game

10   Make a paper boat and see if it floats

11   Perform a song

12   Retell a story to a grown up

13   Have a tea party for your toys

14   Do coin rubbings with crayons and paper

15   Search for mini-beasts in the garden

16   Take a photograph

17   Make a treasure map

18   Dress up like a pirate

19   Look up where you live on a map

20   Have  a teddy bears picnic