5th January 2021.

Hi Reception and grown ups!

So… this is not what we were hoping for, but this is where we are at. It looks like I’m not going to see you face to face for a little while and that makes me really sad. But I am still here. I am at the end of an email. I am not going anywhere. You are the absolute reason I do my job and I will do everything I possibly can to help us all get through this.

I am so proud of every single one of you. We’ve talked a lot about what we have to do to keep everyone safe, and staying at home with your grown ups for a little while is another way to do that. We can still have lots of fun even though we won’t be together in school. There will be lots of things you can do at home and I would love to see photos and videos of all of your hard work. Please send them to our usual email address (reception@st-annes-pri.manchester.sch.uk).

Don’t have too much fun without me!

You will all be in my prayers, please keep me in yours. (You can find all of our class prayers here.)

With all of my love,

Mrs Mirza and Miss Muldoon.


*Grown ups – I will be accessing my school emails every day. If there is anything at all that you need, please email me at reception@st-annes-pri.manchester.sch.uk and I will reply as soon as possible. I will be on site in school at points and will be making phone calls home to check in. If you need paper copies of the home learning packs making up, please let me know and this can be arranged.

Above all, and please remember this above all else, your children are our priority. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay happy.


I will be adding new work each week. There will be a new page each Monday morning as a tab on the left hand side of the website. Each page will be dated for that week and will have some activities to complete. I will also add additional links to activities and websites as and when I come across them at the bottom of this main page, so keep checking back!



I have also created a grid of all of the Early Learning Goals for this year, along with some suggested activities. You can download this and type straight into it, or print it off and send in individual emails as and when you complete an activity. It is meant to help, not send you into a panic! You can download it here.

Early Learning Goal grid for parents to fill in.


Please find below some useful websites where you can access games to support your child’s learning.



Oxford Owl


Teach Your Monster To Read

Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler home learning packs:

These are some wonderful books to share with your children. You may have copies at home, but don’t worry if you don’t! There are some brilliant Youtube videos of them being read aloud. You can then download the resource pack and take a look at some of the activities.

Stick Man Resource Pack 

The Ugly Five Resource Pack

Tabby McTat Resource Pack

Zog Resource Pack

The Scarecrows’ Wedding Resource Pack

Zog and the Flying Doctors Resource Pack

The Smeds and The Smoos Resource Pack

Superworm Resource Pack

Tiddler Resource Pack

The Highway Rat Resource Pack



Some of you have asked about the letter formation and handwriting that we use in Reception. These letter formation posters might help you.   

I have also included the individual letter sheets with the lines guides if you would like to use them. 

*Please note that the ‘f’ in this document is slightly different to the one we usually use. The ‘f’ we use can be seen on the previous letter formation document above. 

When you are amazing at those, you could try and use the blank line guides to help practice writing your letters.

Please send me some photographs of your hard work – I’d love to see them!