We love learning in Reception!

Take a look at what we’ve been up to here:


Literacy and Communication and Language

We have been looking at the book ‘God Knows All About Me.’ We decided to make our own video of the story. We chose a page each and created actions to go with it. We also made our own pages of the book by thinking about our body parts and which ones we would like to draw and write about.

We hope you enjoy our movie!



In maths we have been working really hard on our numbers! We have been using the Numberblocks songs to help us recognise our numbers. You can listen to the songs here:


We have been working on forming our numbers and use some rhymes to help us remember.

Download (PDF, 58KB)

We have been choosing a number and tying to do the right number of claps/jumps/wiggles.

Understanding the world 

People and communities

In our topic sessions, we have been thinking about when we were little and how we have grown! We read a lovely story called ‘Once There Were Giants’ and thought about growing up and getting bigger. Then we drew pictures of ourselves when we were babies and thought about what we could do then, and then drew pictures of ourselves now that we are grown up Reception children! We can do so many things now that we couldn’t when we were babies.

The world 




Expressive arts and design  








Physical Development  

Moving and handling

We have been working hard with our Disco Dough every morning with our own special pots of playdough. We squeeze, press, pat and pinch and have a boogie while we do it! Its a fantastic way to wake our fingers up and get them moving in lots of different ways.

You could try some at home! There are lots of videos to teach you the moves on YouTube, but we’re that good now we can make our own up whilst listening to our favourite songs!


We have also been working on using scissors safely and effectively. We know how to carry them safely and sensibly and used our skills to make our own lanterns!


We have started our PE sessions on Fundamental Skills. We can sensibly find a safe space where we aren’t touching anybody else and have been playing games where we have to run and not bump into anyone or anything!


Health and self-care