Good morning everyone!!


This week we are going to be continuing our work on our book ‘Yucky Worms’ by Vivian French and illustrated by Jessica Ahlberg.




I few were in school this week, we would have been making our own wormery.


Take a look at these instructions:


Download (PDF, 463KB)



Can you try to make a wormery at home? It’s very important to make sure that you make the layers for your wormery, and keep it cool and moist. Could you write some instructions to make a wormery? When we write instructions, we usually put numbers at the beginning of each sentence to show the right order. Can you write some instructions? I would love to see them and might even try to follow your instructions to make my own wormery!


Download (DOCX, 230KB)


If you manage to make one, you can keep checking in and seeing what is happening with the worms. This is a video of someone else’s wormery. Look how busy they are!



In maths this week we are going to be thinking about measuring and weighing. Can you order the caterpillars from smallest to biggest?


Download (PDF, 402KB)


When we measure, we know we use a ruler or a tape measure (and we know we start at the beginning not in the middle!) Can you use a ruler or a tape measure to measure the worms? How many centimetres long are they?


Download (DOCX, 59KB)


We can also think about weighing. Can you play this game with your grown ups and see which is heavy and which is light?


Download (PPTX, 5.18MB)


Can you find things around your house and see which is heavy and which is lighter?


We should have been looking at art and DT this week. Can you make me a worm or any other minibeast using anything you have at home? There are lots of pictures online that could give you some inspiration. Remember to only use the internet with a grown up.


Send me some photographs to our class email address.


As ever, your grown ups can also carry on adding to the grid for the Early Learning Goals.


Download (DOCX, 19KB)


Hope to see you all soon. Missing you all so much!


Love Mrs M. x