Understanding the world 

People and communities

This half term out topic has been ‘All About Me’. We have been looking back at ourselves when we were babies and comparing that to now – we have grown a lot! We can do lots of things now that we couldn’t do when we were babies, like ride bikes and play on trampolines.  We know that as we continue to grow we will be able to do even more! 

The world

This half term we have been thinking lots about where we live. We have been looking at our area and all of the amazing things we have around our school and houses. We made our own map using photographs we found on the internet. We included places like our school, our church, Asda and the tram stops. We thought about how far away these places were to make our map look like the real maps we had looked at.

We then had a go at making our own maps! We made A class map and put our own photographs on where we thought our houses would be. We thought about if our houses were close to school or if they were further away and if they were near to any of the places already on the map like Asda of the Etihad Stadium. 



In technology this half term we have been looking at all of the different ways we use technology around our school. We looked at iPads, laptops and the computer and interactive whiteboard in our classroom. Some of us have iPads and home and taught Mrs Mirza a thing or two about ‘downloading’! It was amazing to see all of the things we can do on the computers. Some of us even tried to search on the internet to find out some information – with a grown up of course.



We also thought about technology in our homes. For our homework, we looked around our houses and saw how many different items used technology. Our grown ups helped us to take pictures and video clips and we emailed them to our Reception class email address. We enjoyed watching each other on the big screen!


Expressive arts and design  


In music we thought about how music made us feel. We listened to lots of different pieces of music and talked to our partners about how we felt after each one. We also looked at some artwork and imagined what kind of music would match the picture. I was very interesting to see what our friends thought. When we had talked about it, we made our own music for the art work using musical instruments and even some pots and pans! 

We carried on our learning outside using the musical instruments and entertaining our friends (and the grown ups, too!)





In our PSHE lessons, we thought about how we are all special and how we are all different. We had a special word that we loved using – ‘unique’. It means there’s only one of us! We spent some time thinking about our feelings and emotions; we thought about what made us feel happy, sad, excited and angry. We then talked a lot about what we could do to help us with these feelings. Our creative area challenge was to create a face and talk about how it might be feeling, and then change it to another emotion and talk about how it might be feeling and why. 

We loved trying to make angry faces!



Physical Development  

Moving and handling

We have been making the most of the mild weather and using our outdoor area as much as possible. 

We are very lucky to have a coach from Manchester City come to visit us every Monday to learn lots of new skills. We have been pretending to be lots of animals this half term. We have been animals that you would find on the farm, animals that live under the sea and animals that live in the jungle. We thought about how the different animals move and tried to copy their movements. We especially liked moving like crabs! 

We have also been playing lots of team games where we have to work together. We are particularly good at ‘Stuck in the mud’, where we have to help our friends when they are in need. 

Health and self care

We had a visit from a dental nurse as part of our ‘all about me’ topic. She told us all about the importance of brushing our teeth and making good choices with our food to keep our teeth healthy.

We even got to pretend to be dentists and patients!