Our School meals are prepared on site each day and offer your child a nutritionally balanced hot meal from a variety of healthy choices.

School meals are priced at £2.20 per day £11.00 per week.

If you are entitled to certain benefits you may be entitled to Free School Meals for your child, please click this link to apply online and get an immediate decision about your eligibility.

Free School Meals Eligibility

There are several choices of main course each day, a salad bar with a variety of items for your child to choose, bread baskets on each table a selection of drinks and a sweet course including a choice of fresh fruit or yoghurt each day.

The menu changes every day over a three week period.

Sample menus are available here.

3 week sample menu

We are going to be offering parents the opportunity to pay for school meals using an online system which allows you to pay online 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  For more information please click this link

Online School Meal Payments