Amazing Americas Homework Autumn 1
Please choose at least 3 pieces of homework to complete including at least one from the English and one from the topic section. You can use pages from your homework book for any writing or drawing.
Homework is due in on Friday 20th October at the latest


Art and Design Technology
 Make a cake suitable for an Independence Day celebration. E.g decorated with an American flag.
 Make a Native American mask.
 Make a 3D map of North or South American using paper mache to show to terrain.
 Create an Andy Warhol style piece of art.
 Research and make a Native American object (e.g a dream catcher)
 Design your own $10 note with your choice of an influential American.
 Make a Christopher Columbus style ship.

 Design a tourist information poster to advertise/promote an American state or country of your choice.
 Create a mind map showing information you have found about either major rivers or major mountain ranges in the Americas.
 Compare the American Rocky Mountains with the English Lake District by listing similarities and differences (weather, animals etc). Draw a picture for each comparison.
 Make and present a 6-slide PowerPoint presentation about a famous American from history.
 Write a song to name the countries of North or South America and perform it with a group of friends.

 Plot Christopher Columbus’ original journeys across a world map.
 Can you find out how much it costs NASA to send someone to space?
 How many of the richest people in the world are American?
 America is a major world polluter. Draw a bar graph of the carbon emissions for 5 world countries.
 If you have access to a tablet, download Stack Counties APP and use screen shots to compare the size of countries in North and South Americas.
 Use an atlas to compare a North and South American country using any human or physical feature of your choice. For example population/rainfall/climate.
 Find out the height of the five tallest building/monuments in North or South America.

 Create your own menu for an American diner.
 A fact file about a famous American artist or architect
 List American and English words e.g trousers vs pants rubbish vs garbage You could also look into pronunciation e.g. how you say tomato in English but tom-ate-toe in American
 Write a first person diary entry of a American explorer eg Christopher Columbus
 Create a leaflet/travel guide for an American city.