We loved celebrting art week in Year 4!

We decided we’d like to merge our new Geography topic ‘Somewhere to Settle’ and focus our work on ancient shelters and then modern housing. To begin, we researched the structures our ancestors would have built and lived in thousands of year ago. We also discussed what would make a good site on which to settle (water, forests,good soil etc). We used our skills of drawing and shading to draw the first types of man-made structures in a two dimensional format considering the materials they would have had available to them.

Next, we looked at three dimensional drawings and perspective. We looked at real streets and how the perspective made it look like the houses were getting smaller as they travelled up the street. This was a difficult concept to grasp and some of us found it tricky to see! With the help of google maps and street view, we were able to create 3D drawings of our own and we were very pleased with them!

Finally, we used different materials to make models of the shelters we had been discussing earlier in the week. We used wooden skewers to create a frame and then lolly pop sticks or art straws to construct the walls. Creating the structures made us feel very lucky for our homes as people must have been really chilly living in a shelter with no door or glass in the windows!

For our art topic, we have been working on drawing bodies. We have studied the work of Julian pie and Henry Moore. Julian and Henry’s work is focused on bodies and movement. We have been using pen and charcoal to draw bodies in different positions. We have been practising the skills of sketching, shading and blending.
Here are some example of our work!

As part of our Bodies topic, we have been researching the work of Vivienne Westwood who is famous for designing clothes. We used the skills of making a pattern, cutting, folding and fanning to make newspaper stronger and make clothes. Here are our finished designs.